So, you are not a wealthy investor who can put tons of money into crypto but you still want a piece of the action.

And damn right you should. Since the beginning of this year we are seeing huge movements in the market that bring us confidence that this year will be a great one for crypto investors, so I decided to share with you a few easy ways to earn crypto for free.

Now, don’t expect to make millions with any of these free methods, but you will surely make a quick buck and then some, so let’s dive into it.

These are the easiest methods I found to be working and you can give them a try too.
All for free.

1/ Signup Bonuses
This is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on some coins for free. There aren’t many websites that give you such bonuses, but there is an app that I’ve been using for the past couple of years. It’s called Crypto-com and currently you will receive $50 in your account just for signing up and downloading their mobile app. Use this invite link: code i596zgv11f to claim the reward.

As I said, I am a user of this app which started as a project focused on bringing the first multi-crypto debit card. At the time it was called Monaco card but the project grew immensely since 2017 and they went through a major rebrand in 2018. They acquired the much sought-after URL crypto-com and decided to use that as their branding since they expanded into a full-round crypto suite, offering many services beyond the card.
Their own crypto coin is MCO and their second token, which is a utility token for the app is called CRO. Both are trading on the public exchanges and CRO had a really good performance since its launch last year.

Annotation 2020-02-07 175926

They did many airdrops of the token to their users but that was last year, so I won’t focus on that.
In a few words, this is a wallet where you can store many cryptos, not just bitcoin, they are also an exchange, they have the debit card for those who want to spend their crypto directly without bank transfers and there’s more. They have a feature that is paying interest on your Bitcoin should you choose to stake it with them. It’s about 3-6% per annum and it depends on whether you stake any MCO with the app or not.
However, to get the $50 bonus for free, you do not need to do anything else, you just need to use this link and the ref code: i596zgv11f

Another sign-up incentive currently ongoing is the Fold App joint venture with Visa. They are offering a debit card that will pay cashback rewards in Bitcoin. You get 30 000 satoshis (the smaller denominator of Bitcoin) when you register and join their waiting list. Use this invite link:

Coinbase –  the world’s most popular retailer of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and bunch of other alt coins. They give you $10 bonus on your first $100 worth of crypto purchase with this link.coinbase-10

In addition to the sign-up bonus, users can earn crypto via the Coinbase Earn initiative. You can find out more about this in this post but in a few words: you get rewards in crypto for watching a couple of short videos that explain a cryptocurrency project and answering a couple of questions about it. There are a few coins that are part of this initiative: Tezos, EOS, Stellar Lumens, 0x, BAT and Zcash being some of them. You need to be a verified member of Coinbase first, so make sure you register here.

Similar to this is the “Get Crypto” initiative but that is only happening occasionally and there isn’t much variety of coins offered.

2/ Faucets
These are websites that give away crypto for free to their users on a daily (or sometimes hourly) basis. The reason they do this is to promote their currency, to gather a following, or in some cases to create more traffic to their website for advertising purposes. Whatever the case might be, you end up with some coins in your wallet that you didn’t have to pay for.

Beware though, there are many fake faucets that will trick you into either spending money to make your claim or they might make you go through too many pop-up ads and other spam which would not justify your time or effort in the end.

So, which faucets I have personally used and found to be legit, clean and easy to use?

First, there’s the ZEN facet and it comes from the developers of Horizen – a privacy-oriented crypto project that started as ZENcash, a fork from Zclassic – a popular privacy coin back in 2017. Since then they also grew and expanded their services, so in 2018 they rebranded into Horizen and I have featured them a few times on my Youtube Channel and here on this blog where we discussed their multi-layered project and why should you care about ZEN, so I will not dwell on that here in this post.


What is really cool though, is that you can get your hands on ZEN coins for free through their faucet without doing much. And you can do that every day. In fact, every day you are rewarded slightly more than the previous day, so consistency does pay out in this case. Check out this post to find out how you can do this or simply follow this link to sign up right away.

Another one I liked is the ZEC and PIVX faucet – both of which are privacy coins, so all in all, the faucets I can recommend and have personally tried and liked are those that promote privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies.

The PipeFlare faucet drops you amounts of ZEC and PIVX also on a daily basis and in a similar fashion they also pay out bonuses for each consecutive day you visit, within a week’s period. You also earn twice more if you use Brave Browser, so even more the reason to get signed up with Brave and move on from the RAM-heavy and slower Chrome.

Try PiperFlare today with this link.

Annotation 2020-07-22 115510

There are many other faucets that do similar job but I find them very spammy, with dozens of pop-ups and forced ads or other time-wasting activities, that in the end make it kinda pointless since they eat-up your time for a few cents of rewards and time is money, so it’s best spent in a more productive way but if you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands, you can just do a google search and you’ll find them. Bear in mind that many of these will also have a minimum limit for withdrawals (meaning that you cannot withdraw until you accumulate a certain amount) and then they take out a withdrawal fee, which often is half of that minimum limit, so you end up with even less earnings. Hence why I did not bother listing them here.

Other faucets (not as clean and straightforward) are:

Satoshimonster – fun and easy way to earn a random amount of satoshis up to three times every 20 minutes. Members are also able to earn extra satoshis for completing tasks such as viewing ads or completing surveys which can bring between 2000 to 20 000 satoshis. The withdrawal minimum is 30 000 sats, so it can take some time to reach that but it’s one of the few faucets that makes things easier and fun.

Cointiply – full of ads and pop-up banners, definitely not my cup of tea.

Faucetcrypto – lots of ads and tasks you have to complete which are more laborious than Satoshi Monster and the payments are in their own token which you have to exchange to Bitcoin when you reach the required minimum. Not the most user-friendly experience.

3/ Social media rewards in crypto
Unlike Facebook or Youtube, who force ads on us without giving us our fair share of these profits, there are a few services that started rewarding users for reading or watching content and yes, they do pay you in crypto, so here are the ones I personally use and like.

  • Library (LBRY) is a decentralised, mainly video-blogging platform that operates with its own native crypto called LBC and users receive tokens for simply browsing through the content on it. LBRY has millions of pieces of content and can be used on a desktop computer or mobile phone via an app as well as on the web. LBRY Credits (LBC) are used to publish, purchase, and support content on the LBRY network.
    lbry-logoI started using LBRY recently, after Youtube shut down a few of my fellow crypto creators channels just around Christmas 2019 and so far I’ve earned more than 2000 LBRY tokens from it. I don’t even have a following there yet, it’s just been a few weeks. From my research so far, this seems to be the only site that rewards users for reading/watching content and not just the creators of the content.
    What’s great is that their native token – LBC had a massive surge in value in the past few months, it grew by more than 200% in price between October and January, so these tokens will soon be worth every minute I spent on the LBRY platform to receive them.
    On top of that, if you are on Youtube and have created any videos, you get 500 LBC for syncing your youtube channel with LBRY and that is a monthly reward, so you can quickly get these without even having to create new content. In its peak, the LBC token reached $1.84 so if the next bull run is as powerful as the last one, you can imagine how rewarding this will be.
  • Another popular platform with crypto rewards is Steemit. It is in fact much older than all the rest (it launched in 2016) and with the biggest userbase. However, I am no fan of this blogging platform due to their rather complicated payout structure that’s split into steem power, steem coins and steem dollars which makes things even more confusing. Also, the lack of rewards for users who only view content makes it pale in comparison to LBRY in my opinion.
  • BITTUBEBittube is another alternative to Youtube which rewards users for posting videos. Sadly, they are rolling out a number of paid features, making it somewhat less attractive to the majority of users who are used to having access to content for free but it’s important to have alternatives like this one, especially in the wake of the recent Yotube shut downs on a number of crypto channels (something of a censorship-like mass action). Bittube pays in TUBE tokens which its members can also use to upvote videos of their choice and reward creators of good content.
  • Kucoin exchange is a trading platform with many airdrops, giveaways and contests where users can win various amounts of different cryptocurrencies each week.
    Jwinplayust like this one on the photo here.
    Some of these would require you to be actively trading but some of them don’t have such requirements, so sign up for Kucoin and make sure you are on their email list to get these announcements and take part in the ones you feel like. They also reward users who hold certain cryptos like Tron, PIVX, Tezos and a few others. You can do cold-staking, which means you just have the coins in your Kucoin account, or you can also choose fixed term staking for greater rewards. More about this in this post. You can use this link to open a free account with Kucoin.
  • You can also check out Minds: a facebook-like social media with their own token which is a ERC-20 (Ethereum based) token that you earn for posting, liking and interacting with other members. It is getting quite popular too and you are paid monthly.
  • Tokentuber is yet another Youtube alternative with rewards being paid in TUBER tokens. These can be withdrawn directly in Bitcoin which can be very convenient but their fee is 750 TUBER which will take some time to accumulate and will require a lot of posting and engagement. You can check it out here.
  • Lastly, you can take a look at Mamby which is really new and lacks a large user-base. It started in 2018 and rewards users when they publish contents that attract visitors. You will receive money (in Bitcoin) for every visit your publications attracts and you’ll also get paid for every visit to your publications.

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