If you are tired of being subjected to a multitude of ads that Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are constantly throwing at you and not getting a cut of that revenue, you are not alone.

I too, am fed up with the countless ads on these so popular social networks and I find it rather unfair. Not to mention the fact that all our activity is monitored, recorded and shared with third parties… again at our expense.
Which is why I am delighted to share with you my latest find – LBRY – a new platform that actually pays its users not only for creating content, but even for just browsing through content.

Sounds great, right?
Well, the real reason I joined LBRY was not to make a quick dime, although, it sure helps that I am able to do that too.
What actually happened was, just around last Christmas (2019) Youtube ran a rogue algorithm which went bonkers and started removing many crypto-related videos on their platform. A lot of us, crypto vloggers, became victims of this cyber massacre and for a few weeks we were hit with strikes and had videos removed for no apparent reason.
I reported this incident here on my blog and in the time it took for Youtube to reverse these strikes and apologise to us (they never really did though), I found a couple of alternatives for uploading my content without the risk or fear of being censored in the future.
One of these alternatives is LBRY and so far I’ve used it for just a few short weeks, but I am already a huge fan, so this is why I decided to create this post and share it with you.

LBRY is a project that began a few years back but only now it’s reached the stage where things are working properly and more people are starting to use their platform to upload great content.
Which makes it easier and more fun for us, the users… apart from the obvious reasons of course – the fact that they pay us to do so.
One of the strengths of LBRY is censorship-resistance, being decentralized and all, it’s not very likely that your post will be moderated by a third party.
Another one is that users are not motivated only by having upvotes on their posts, which means that there’s less clutter. What I am referring to is the obvious mistake that Steemit did, they now have tons of users creating all kinds of stupid content just for the sake of having the upvotes and this creates too much clutter, too much noise… unnecessary content that no one cares about.

So, how can you earn from this platform?

I’ve only been a user for a month and I already have over 600 tokens in my account. Most of these came as rewards from a number of activities on the website. As you can see, I only have 16 followers in this screenshot so it’s not about having a huge following.


LBRY is a crypto project of course, which means that the majority of the content on its platform is in fact crypto-related. Users receive rewards in LBC which is the LBRY native token. Before you get put-off by the fact that it’s not directly in bitcoin, let me just mention that LBC had a super-impressive performance in the last quarter when its value jumped by nearly 200% (see screenshot below).

LBC token performance
This happened in the last quarter of 2019 while we were still in the anticipation of the next bull cycle. This is very good indication of more price appreciation to be expected once the bull cycle is in full swing. The token is currently just over 2 cents (usd) and during the last bull cycle (the mass craze of 2017) it reached a whopping $1.85 usd, so there’s a lot of growth on its way and I will not be surprised if it surpasses this price range one day.
Which is good for any user that joins them now because they give you LBC tokens just by confirming your email.

Users who have their own YouTube channels and choose to sync them to their LBRY profiles, receive 500 LBC every month (you have to manually claim these in your profile) and your Youtube content is automatically synced, so you don’t have to upload your videos all over again. You can also choose to create a paid post where you choose how much you want to charge people to read/watch the content you post (this is optional).

There are a number of ways to earn rewards here.

  • Daily Watch Reward
    First, you will get a random rewards of at least 1 LBC for watching anything at all.
  • Many views Reward
    The more videos you watch, the higher level you achieve, unlocking higher rewards.
  • Coveted Creator
    Gain a following to earn this reward. Just 1 verified follower needed for level 1.

  • Youtube Partner

    Your monthly reward for publishing your YouTube channel to LBRY is currently 500 LBC and you can claim this every 30 days.

  • Faithful Follower
    Follow others on LBRY and you get rewards for that too.
  • Invite people
    Earn 20 LBC for inviting a friend, an enemy, a frenemy, or an enefriend. Everyone deserves a reward for that and so do you.

Annotation 2020-02-07 172723

Furthermore, from what I’m seeing so far from using this platform for just a few weeks, we’re able to make more money from it than the YouTube monetising for ads on our videos that are also very annoying to our viewers, so this is very refreshing indeed.

All in all, there are quite a few perks in using the LBRY platform and I am definitely excited to share it with you here. Go check it out and follow me too 🙂



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