Today was a great day for trading. One of the coins I shared with you just two weeks ago experienced the kind of pump we all needed to lock-in some damn good profits.

The coin in question is WRX – the native token of the biggest Indian exchange WazirX.
As I mentioned in this post from 15th Feb I was keeping an eye on this coin and have been accumulating it in small portions over the past weeks. I was expecting an upside move due to its fundamentals and the fact that WazirX (the exchange which this token serves) was recently acquired by Binance and that alone is a bullish sign. I did not even expect today’s events and the massive pump they caused in just a matter of a few hours but it’s all for the better.

What happened is huge for India’s crypto investors and traders. Today the Supreme Court of India announced that crypto exchanges (and trading) are not in violation of the law and despite the best attempts of the Central Bank of India to stop people from investing and trading crypto, exchanges received the green light to continue business, people received the confirmation that their actions will not be considered illegal and as a result, we are seeing this hugely positive market sentiment reflecting in the price of the WRX token. On top of that WazirX is in their anniversary week which is even more of a reason for rejoice and it’s well-justified.

I also streamed this new episode of Crypto Corner to report about this event. Take a look:

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