Ever since YouTube decided to go rogue on crypto creators, most of us who built a dedicated following throughout the years began looking for alternatives and one of the top choices so far seems to be LBRY.

As I explained in my previous post here on this blog, LBRY is a relatively new vlogging platform that is growing rapidly and is winning everyone’s affection not only because it does not censor its members but also, it actually PAYS both creators and consumers of content. Whether you’re just watching a video or posting one, you earn LBC either way.

Hundreds of creators join LBRY from YouTube every week and this has been going on since December 2019 when YouTube began hitting many of the crypto vloggers with strikes for no apparent reason. Many of those were later reversed but the damage was done. The trust in YouTube is at an all-time low as more and more people report that their content is being removed by nonsensical algorithms. We’re not talking about censorship of actual dangerous or illegal content but really the most trivial and non-threatening kind of crypto content. Such as “What is Segwit” – a technical and informative video I posted back in 2017 and many other examples by my fellow vloggers.

So why LBRY really?

Well, to begin with, it’s a crypto-based platform with a coin (LBC) that has been around for quite a few years already.

You currently earn 500 LBC each month by simply connecting your YouTube channel to LBRY and that guarantees that every video you post on YouTube also goes on LBRY automatically so it’s an automated service in this respect. This way you don’t have to waste time to upload video on LBRY and YouTube and even your video description and all links you may have in there are displayed in LBRY too.


In addition to all the tips I will lay down below, I want to also mention here that in March the platform hit their first milestone – 1 000 000 (that’s a million) active users.
To celebrate this, they are giving out 2,000,000 LBC in rewards to both current and new users, so even more the reason to join if you haven’t yet. If you do so, don’t forget to find me there and hit that followbutton 😉 https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@ojjordan:0

So here are some tips to make the most of your LBRY experience:

1. Your Channel should be sync-ed with YouTube from the start.

Connect your YouTube channel before you start posting other content. This way you will be using the same channel on LBRY. You can always create other channels but you really should focus on one so all your content and followers can be concentrated in one channel for maximum impact and reach. This way you will also be earning around 500 LBC every month.

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2. Add a Thumbnail and Proper Tags to Your Channel for More Followers

Channels with thumbnails and that are properly tagged collect substantially more followers. Click the edit button next to your channel to make sure these are set.

When adding tags, try to select at least a few that autocomplete when typing. New users are encouraged to add these tags when creating accounts. But we’re also constantly monitoring tags used not on this list and adding them to the defaults, so don’t hesitate to use new ones either!

These same tips also apply to your published files as well.

(Note that improper categorisation can result in being filtered by lbry.tv)

3. Mention Your Channel Directly in Your Content to Bring People Over

Creators that link their channels in social media profiles, their YouTube account, emails, and other places see substantially more follows. Creators that mention LBRY directly in videos see massively more follows.

It will take time to build your following on LBRY, but transitioning to LBRY is the best solution for creators who want to remain in control. Bear in mind that you’ll need to bring in your audience over time. The best way to do this is to mention it regularly (even if briefly) and encourage your audience to follow you on LBRY.

If you create content regularly, you probably have an audience that cares about you. While they might not immediately see the benefits of a system not owned by a megacorp, they may join simply because you say it’s the right thing to do.

While you can always just copy the URL from your desktop app or on lbry.tv, using the link provided by the share button will always work on all platforms and give you bonus LBC for new sign ups.

4. Repost, Support, and Share Content from Other LBRY Creators

Creators that get involved with LBRY itself do much better than those that don’t engage.

Reposts Let You Be A Curator And Earn

Create a collection of curated content by reposting the best stuff you find or have an to a channel.  Anyone can now click the repost button on lbry.tv or in their LBRY browser to repost a video from someone else’s channel to their own.

Apply the tag #downtofollow or #downtorepost to your channel and top channels can earn 50,000 LBC!

Make sure you’re using LBRY as a creator and an audience member. It’ll teach you more about the platform.
In addition, when you follow, tip, support, and share content from other creators, they’re more likely to do the same for you.

5. Video Editing tip

LBRY is still in its early days and videos can often seem a bit laggy, so if you are uploading videos directly to LBRY, it’s in your best interest to upload files that aren’t too big. You can make your video a smaller file by tweaking the settings in the rendering process. If your video editing software allows, don’t go for full res. and high bitrate, just stick to medium settings, try to keep it under 500MB if possible (for longer videos that won’t be possible but for shorter than 20 minutes, should be fairly easy).

BONUS TIP: Log-in daily

By logging in every day you earn rewards and even if you just play a video for a few seconds, you are getting the reward for watching content so you can do this even when you’re having a busy day.
There’s also a reward for multiple views, for following more creators as well as being followed so your time and effort spent on the platform is justified and rewarded.

BONUS TIP: Join the community!

Many creators hang out in a chat room run by lbry.org, a non-profit run by LBRY users.
This is a great chance to network with other creators.

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