Online publication BleepingComputer is warning us against a new fraud that is circulating right now.

Namely, the most popular hardware wallet device Ledger Nano (both “S” and “X” models) is again at the forefront of a scam ring.

Apparently, devices are being sent out to old customers as replacements of an older device with the excuse of a breach with the older device and asking customers to switch to the new device.

The packaging of the “new” device has been copied to great details from the original Ledger packaging, so that it would appear legit.

The “new” device has already been setup, hacked or otherwise tampered with, so it is in fact going to leak your seed phrase and your coins can be then accessed by the hackers without your knowledge.

The full details of this report are:

Scammers are sending fake replacement devices to Ledger customers exposed in a recent data breach that are used to steal cryptocurrency wallets.

In a post on Reddit, a Ledger user shared a devious scam after receiving what looks like a Ledger Nano X device in the mail.

The device came in an authentic looking packaging, with a poorly written letter explaining that the device was sent to replace their existing one as their customer information was leaked online on the RaidForum hacking forum.

“For this reason for security purposes, we have sent you a new device you must switch to a new device to stay safe. There is a manual inside your new box you can read that to learn how to set up your new device,” read the fake letter from Ledger.

“For this reason, we have changed our device structure. We now guarantee that this kinda breach will never happen again.”

Even though the letter was filled with grammatical and spelling errors, the data for 272,853 people who purchased a Ledger device was actually published on the RaidForums hacking forum in December 2020. This made for a slightly convincing explanation for the sending of the new device.

Ledger suffered a data breach in June 2020 after an unauthorized person accessed their e-commerce and marketing databasse. This database was “used to send order confirmations and promotional emails – consisting mostly of email addresses, but with a subset including also contact and order details such as first and last name, postal address, email address and phone number.”

Soon after, Ledger owners began receiving numerous phishing emails pointing them to fake Ledger applications designed to trick them into entering their wallet’s recovery phrases.

These scams increased in frequency after the contact information for 270K Ledger owners was posted on the RaidForums hacker forum in December 2020.

This has led to phishing scams pretending to be further Ledger data breach notifications, SMS phishing texts, and software upgrades on sites impersonating

All Ledger customers are advised to be suspicious of any unsolicited email, package, or text claiming to be related to their hardware devices.

To avoid becoming a victim of this fraud, always make sure you buy your Ledger device from their official store, I have a personal invite link which you will find in the ad banner at the bottom of this post as I have been working with Ledger for many years and I have also created a few step-by-step tutorials for them.

Ledger Nano X is still my most frequently used and easy to handle HD wallet but you can also choose to avoid using Ledger and opt in for some of the other great devices out there. Trezor, KeepKey and Opolo are great alternatives and you can find my posts about these in the “WALLETS” Page (go to the menu on top of this page).

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