As you know, I always get my hands on the latest devices and bring you my honest opinion.

For the past week I have been testing a brand new device – a touch-screen hardware wallet called Opolo Cosmos that offers supports thousands of coins and tokens. It’s also using the latest Secure Element which places it in the top 3 hardware wallets on the market. I am not exaggerating.
Read on…


-OPOLO uses the world’s most secure chip available with CC EAL 6+ certification.
-The first hardware wallet that is audited and certified as IOT Secure device by Digital security Paris, France.
-Magnetic mnemonic backup storage – OPOLO shards backup to take redundant backups
-Big 3.2 inch LCD touch display, easy to enter password/passphrases.
-Passwords can be up to 127 characters long, and 7 failed tries will block the device.
-Supports more than 117 coins and more than 200,000+ tokens.
-Uses one single wallet and a single app, no need to download any other wallet apps.
-Direct crypto-to-crypto exchange using 2 integrated coin swaps and one fiat to crypto exchange.
-A password manager to store the passwords and 2fa keys.
-Works with Desktop/Laptop PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Android smartphone.

As you can tell, there is enough already, to justify my heightened interest in this device, but let me elaborate a little.

The unit arrived in its original box a week ago and I started testing it and making sure I understand how it works – I like to try all the features before I make a review, so I have been keeping quiet about it until today.

Here’s what I like about this device:

The size

Let’s start with the fact that this unit is just the right size – not too small like Trezor or Ledger Nano, neither as big as the Cobo or Ledger Blue. The screen is pretty much the whole front of the device, making it very easy to type and read the data displayed on it. This makes it ideal for carrying in your pocket and with a phone connectivity (Android only for now) it becomes very useful for on-the-go and for people like me who travel a lot.

The Security

As I mentioned already, it uses the latest, most secure chip available with CC EAL 6+ certification level by NXP – there is no better chip currently on the market than this one. This means that the device is safe from cyber-attacks and is safe even in case of a loss of the device.
Right now, OPOLO wallet is the only device in the market, which has EAL6+ certification for both its software and hardware. In comparison, Ledger Nano X is with EAL5+ while Trezor doesn’t actually have this type of Secure Element. Also, it is worth mentioning that the development team spent 1.5 years to get the device tested, externally audited and certified by “Digital Security Paris” (in France). This is the first device to undergo such an audit before it’s been launched on the market.

On top of this, it offers a password manager to store passwords and 2fa keys (for any website logins, not just Opolo’s own).
You have a password protection to unlock the device and a separate login for the application that navigates it (on computer or mobile)
With regards to protection of your mnemonic phrase (seed phrase or also known as recovery phrase) this is the only device that offers backup sharding via the magnetic cards included.
There are 2 options of backups with 3 cards or 5 cards. All you need to do is swipe the cards at the back of the device. You need only 3 cards out of the 5 (or 2 cards out of the 3) to restore it. A loss of one of the cards will not prevent you from successfully restoring it. You should also use the paper card provided, to write down the 24 words that make your recovery phrase and keep it somewhere REALLY SAFE. If you take all these steps of precaution, you can sleep sound. If anything happens to the device (loss or damage of any kind) you will be able to use these 24 words to recover your funds and import the data into a new device (it can even be a different brand, if you wish).


This hardware wallet is made simple. It is navigated via a single app (on your computer or mobile phone) and all coins or tokens that you will be adding to your dashboard are going to be displayed with the turn of a switch, no extra apps or external third party applications will be needed. This makes it easier than Ledger for instance. You can get your receiving address displayed with its QR code and the full alphanumeric code (for copy/paste or for scanning) and when you need to make a transaction (send coins) you will have to confirm and enter your passcode on the actual device (there is no way to send a transaction without the device).


WEIGHT79 grams
DIMENSIONS89.2 mm x 66.4 mm x 9.5 mm
TOUCH DISPLAY79 mm x 56 mm
SESecure Element with CC EAL6+ Certification
CPUEmbedded ARM Processor (CORTEX- M4)

All in all, the Opolo Cosmos device ticks all the boxes in terms of safety, simplicity and functionality. The company is founded by Julien Vanel (CSO) and Fahad Fazal (CEO and main developer, whom I had personal communication with, prior to this review and he was very responsive to all my questions) and has its main headquarters in Luxembourg.

They have online presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram and the device is now in pre-launch. You can get your hands of it at 51% discount with this link, or you can also try your luck to get a free one if you join the challenge I announced on my Youtube channel (see the video and follow the rules I laid out in there).

You also have a chance of getting your hands on a FREE DEVICE if you enter the Crypto Corner Giveaway – you need to do the following:

1. Follow @OpoloWallet on Twitter and Telegram

2. Suggest what features you would like to see in the future on this device

3. Post these on their twitter and on my video (as comments)

Good luck!

For those don’t win, there’s still that half-price offer while the product is in its pre-launch, so use this link and get it with 51% Discount.

That’s all from me today, thanks for reading!

200 thoughts on “Opolo Cosmos – Hardware Wallet Review

  1. May 7, 2022 at 7:38 pm
    OPOLO Cosmos is a fraud and doesn’t work. Please be aware of this unethical company. It doesn’t work it doesn’t update, and when trying to get customer support to help with the issue and get an e-mail like this: “ …10:16:35 PM PST,… Hi Ludovic, Sure we can have an online call but that will not be free. If you are willing to pay for it, let me know. Thanks,”
    I am currently using the OPOLO Cosmos wallet as a door jam to keep my door open. A very expensive door jam indeed!


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