I have posted about hardware wallets a lot on this blog and as I continue my quest to finding the best hardware wallets on the market to safely store your cryptocurrencies, today I’m featuring the SecuX V20 – a top of the range hardware wallet from SecuX.

If you prefer video content, here is my video review of this product, or if you like written content, keep reading below.

I also have discount codes for anyone who wants to get this device – use the codes at the point of checkout and only buy it from their official website – never from a third party retailer (I would avoid Amazon or eBay or any other website for that matter, I have reported many times already about fake Ledgers and Trezors being sold on these platforms, so it’s never a good idea to use a third party seller).

Official website: https://shop.secuxtech.com/
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I also recorded a step-by-step tutorial, where I show you the process of setting up this device which you will find below (scroll down for this video).

The SecuX V20 is the flagship model and the one with the most elegant and eye-catching design, which is why I will make this my primary device.

It’s one of three very popular models that they have and it’s definitely a winner for me personally.
I also have the W20, which is smaller and reminds me of those tom toms if you remember them, we used them before google maps came into our phones, it has the same functionality, so the W20 will stay as a back up device for me.

The company SecuX is based in Taiwan, and they have a lot of experience and history in developing tech solutions, they recently received 2 awards: “Most Innovative Blockchain Security Company 2021” and this particular device won the “Most Secure Vault Protection Hardware Wallet” by Corporate Vision.

Corporate Vision is a UK-based magazine company that places emphasis on innovation and seeks to reward those who have proven themselves to be tech pioneers capable of providing solutions for a vast array of consumer needs. In addition to this, the three hardware wallets this company produced so far are all in the top 10 ranking by Ezvid Wiki beating Trezor 1, Ledger Nano S and KeepKey – three of the most popular devices to date – I have reviewed them in the past, but as time goes by, new developments in the blockchain space require new approach.

This device operates with DeFi seamlessly and in this respect, it’s more advanced than most of the competition on the market today.

The most important part for any hardware wallet is the security, so I will talk about it shortly and I also invited the marketing director of SecuX – Alice Chan for a quick Q&A – you’ll see our conversation in my video review linked above.


The device is bulky and fits perfectly in my hand, it’s got this very sleek octagon design, much like an over-sized coin – if you’ve seen the British 50p coin, it’s somewhat similar. Or you could of course, compare it to a diamond shape – whichever takes your fancy.
The important thing is that the screen is large, it takes almost the whole surface and being touch screen, it really helps to work with a bigger device. I struggle with my Trezor (the screen is really tiny).


is via USB or Bluetooth so you can really use it on the go. You can charge it with the usb cable and I’m not sure how long the battery will last, I’ve used mine for a few days and so far, I’ve charged it once.


We talked in great detail about this in my conversation with Alice from their team but I’ll outline the key security features here:
It uses Infineon secure element chip that has been CC EAL5+ certified, so I am quite happy to add it to my collection of hardware wallets and as a prominent content creator, I have been testing and using all of them.
I’ve created many tutorials in the past – every good wallet is featured on this channel and I’m using all of them – after all, it’s best to keep my coins in several devices rather than all in one. My goal is to have less exposure to attacks or other threats. I always say that if you’re holding any coins for longer than 3-4 months, you shouldn’t keep them on exchanges, hence the more devices you have, the less chance you give to someone to hack you and steal your crypto.
I have already bitter experience with Exodus wallet, which got hacked last year and I lost a bunch of coins – the hacker swapped my crypto to Monero and vanished, so there’s no way to recover these, which is yet another reason to keep my crypto on hardware wallets instead of mobile or other software wallets – they can be useful on the go and for quick access, but the risks outweigh the positives, so I stopped using software wallets altogether.

Official website: https://shop.secuxtech.com/
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In Conclusion:

I like this device because it has a complete suite of security features in place, from protected production chain, to tamper resistant packaging, right down to its military grade, CC EAL 5+ certified secure element for keeping your assets safe and unassailable.
Its rugged aluminum case ensures years of protection.
It connects via USB or Bluetooth to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer through your browser – in my case I use Brave browser (in fact, Google Chrome is the main one, so any browser that is based on Chrome will work).
You can also connect it to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices with the dedicated mobile app.
It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Binance Chain, Dogecoin, Stellar and many other coins plus over 1,000 ERC-20, BSC and Tron tokens.
It’s easy to navigate – with simple, streamlined interface, and firmware update process that is more streamlined than the competitors to ensure smooth updates, maximizing security and usability – it is in fact, the easiest device to set up from all HD wallets I’ve tested so far.
It’s USB-C equipped for easy charging and connection to my laptop.
The TOUCH SCREEN is large and easy to type passwords and navigate transactions. 
BLUETOOTH – Connect to your phone or other Bluetooth devices to send and receive coins and tokens – your keys never leave your device, and Bluetooth is only used for sending signed transactions to the blockchain, thus reducing the risks that are usually associated with Bluetooth.

All in all, I am a fan, so it’s a great addition to my collection of HD wallets and I have quite a few already.

You can see my step by step guide on how to set it up in the video below – as you know, I am most famous for my easy to follow and very detailed tutorials, so I will not disappoint.

Official website: https://shop.secuxtech.com/
☝To Get 15% off SecuX V20 and W20 use coupon code: oj
☝To Get 10% off SecuX W10 use coupon code: ojw10

I hope this review was helpful, for more great content, make sure you’re following this blog and check out my other posts.

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