Mero (MRO) Currency token holders beware: there will be a re-branding of MERO taking place on November 20 (2019) and all token holders will be required to swap their current ERC20 tokens for the new, mineable tokens named Bitcoin Token (BTCT).

I can only assume that this re-branding has to do with the falling popularity of the Mero token which started as a deflationary token and made some buzz in the airdrop-loving crypto community. The token was given mainly in the form of airdrops and bounties and it had a potential of price appreciation which sadly did not come to fruition.

The project developers had in mind that the token could switch to a mine-able coin some time in the future and as we see, this is going to happen on November 20th.

Currently you can exchange MRO tokens on these three exchanges:

Should you care to go for the token swap, you will receive the new tokens on 10:1 ratio and only one exchange is in charge with this token swap (for now). That exchange is Altilly.

Here is the official announcement as seen on the BTCT medium page:

“Dear MRO Token Holders,

We are excited to announce a consensus amongst the developers of Mero Currency that we are re-branding and moving to our own hosted blockchain. MRO will be rebranding to BTCT (Bitcoin Token).

When will the swap take place?

This swap will take place on November 20th, 2019. The swap will be automatic on the Altilly platform chaning all MRO to BTCT at a ratio of 10:1. We believe this is fair value as the Bitcoin Token blockchain will have more value being a minable coin.

The old contract address for MRO is:

Important Note and Advise!

Please We Advice each and Everyone of you to make sure your MRO Tokens are moved from your Private wallet to Altilly Exchange well ahead of the swap time. Note, any tokens left after Nov 20th in coinomi, mew or any other exchange will not be able to be swapped for BTCT.

We are excited that this move will garner more value for your investment as well as enable more community involvement and developer involvement in the project.

We are giving all MRO token holders time to move their tokens to a centralized exchange (Altilly) where the swap will take place.

P.S. In light of this change we are slowly starting to re-brand our social profiles (TelegramTwitterGithub) to the new Bitcoin Token branding (BTCT).”

Annotation 2019-10-28 141136

I hope this news comes to you just in time to take action. The MRO price surged shortly after this announcement but that was short-lived. You can choose to sell your tokens in the build-up to the token swap or join the Altilly exchange and move your coins there so that you can get the automatic token-swap. I personally will sell. Either way, it is important that you do not keep our MRO tokens in Coinomi (the wallet that was originally recommended for MRO hodlers) because after Nov 20th, you will not be able to swap them from there, so take action asap.

The website of Bitcoin Token is now live, you can check it out here.

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