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Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now, doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.

1 year anniversary in Video Marketing…

74b5530ce391564995cb338c55688334.jpgThis month [April] marks the first year anniversary since I started running my Youtube channel and I would like to take the time to reflect on my progress and share with you my journey.

I first tapped into network marketing some 10 years ago but at the time I was focused on my photography career and did not follow through with it. Fast forward to 2014, I had just found myself with a little bit of spare cash in my pocket and I decided to look for ways to invest my savings and grow my capital online. Somewhere late that year I found a website that offered pretty much what I was looking for: 120% return on investment (ROI) and a growing memberbase, I learned about Alexa rankings, compounding your earnings, becoming an affiliate, earning commissions, little by little I realised I have gotten myself into another network marketing business although I viewed it as an investment. For a long time I did not want to promote and refer people into it because my network was predominantly art creatives, fashion and design professionals who are in a completely different frequency to the world of network marketing. It took me about 9 months until I decided to take the first step and I started a blog. It was just a diary of my progress with that program, kind of a record of my progress and what I learned. Soon I was hooked into courses and webinars and live events, all the elements of the network marketing industry that set up the road which you’re taking. I tried a bit of affiliate marketing, quickly realised direct sales was not my thing, then I joined more revshares, some hyips, tried binary options, spread betting, looked into forex, didn’t think it’s for me tried product based MLMs, digital-based MLM, more revshares, then came the matrices, the cyclers, I even helped design a matrix-style peer-to-peer program back in October 2016 when my friends Lubos Hollan and Tousif Parvez reached out to me for advice while I was holidaying in the South Of France ( I was already making a very decent online passive income and I had my first major hack attack on my accounts during that trip so it will not be easily forgotten. I lost a few thousand dollars because of being naive and using the same password for everything. Big mistake). I was grateful that this happened when I was already making money online and not earlier when I was still loosing… I have to mention here that I started my online journey with an initial investment of $5000 and by the end of my first year I had lost all of it, so then I had to start afresh.

All in all, I went through a lot in just one year. I seemed to had it all figured out when the first business I was invested in came crumbling down, a month after that the second followed suit, another few weeks went by and the third also disappeared from the online space. I just kept looking for new opportunities. With each loss I learned a new lesson, I got better equipped for the next challenge and I started playing it safe, working with smaller amounts of seed money to minimise and spread out the risks. I also started being more selective and used my experience to warn others about the dangers and the obvious scams out there. At this point my marketing profile was growing and my audience too. I had achieved one of my goals. Having an audience and the real difference came just after that April when I started my videos. That happened last April, exactly a year ago when I joined a video challenge for a business that I had just added to my portfolio called Ford Ad Pays. We were a group of enthusiastic marketers learning to use the power of videos in online marketing. Each day we had a topic that we had to discuss in our videos and one day we had to talk about our goals and this is a video that I am referring to here in my post below. I was in London last week to meet with the directors of a company that I just added to my business portfolio and I took the time to visit my old street, where I was living at the time when I started this online journey and I am proud to say that the tasks I laid out in my video exactly 1 year ago have now been achieved and mainly my re-location plan. I had just decided to try and move to Spain when I recorded this video and at the time it seemed like a distant thought, nothing too serious, just something I would like to be able to do. Well, I am really happy to say, I am writing this post from my new home, in Barcelona, Spain, I moved here just three months ago and it’s the place I asked for exactly one year ago. Target achieved. I am living the laptop lifestyle, making 100% of my income online, no more physical work, I am my own boss. Dreams do come true. If you work hard and keep believing in yourself you can achieve your goals but you need to be consistent and have a plan. Establish some discipline and routine and stick to your targets. Here’s my video message, keep working hard and don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets. Persistence will prevail.

Goals and Targets? What is the difference.

You’ve probably heard many people, gurus, leaders and experts, all talking about the importance of having a goal. Something that keeps your determination and you are striving for, that keeps you going and doing whatever it is you’re dping.
Goals are very, very important.
Alongside with your personal Why, which is the very reason for your being on this journey to success or affluence, (however you wish to call it), having one or a few solid Goals is the next crucial factor toward your progress.
But there is something even more important for our progress, especially for short term successes. These goals need to be narrowed down into series of targets.

You see, Goals are very important indeed, for they are the basis, the core of your motivation, but very easily, our motivation can be crushed by an early failure, rejection of a  kind, an overload of complex new matter and tools that you need to learn from a scratch and so on. Sound familiar? I know it first hand. Like every other state of our mind or spirit, Motivation needs nurturing and continuous stimuli.
This is when we need to utilise characteristics like responsibility and competitive spirit. Both are responding to targets and this is howTargets are a necessary nutrient to your Motivation.
A Goal can be rather unspecific, something like, “I want to have financial freedom”, “I want to be rich”, “I want to make millions”…and so on, you get the point. Great goals but too loose and unspecific. We need to turn these into Targets.
A Target should have set limits for both the time and the scale (size) of the end result.
For instance, “I want to sell X amount of units until the end of next month”. Now this will help you be more accountable to yourself and you’ll be chasing every sale and reaching toward that target on a daily basis. Now your motivation is on fire and your focus is fixed, itnis much more likely that you will hit that target (provided it was not a totally unreasonable of course – common sense need not be abandoned).
Another example, this time for a mid-term target would be, “I want to get X amount of leads by the end of this quarter.” – Now your deadline is not too tight, but the numbers would be higher and you should still be waking up 2 hours too soon and jumping out of bed to start your day. And you will be motivated by your own productivity and passion too.
A generic Goal won’t do that.