How to receive ZEN coins for FREE.

I have been posting a lot about Zen – a privacy coin that came into existence back in 2017 as Zencash and in 2018 it rebranded to Horizen in tune with the expansion of the project into a all-round platform that offers a variety of layers and features which go beyond the monetary use of Zen as a coin. Horizen’s ecosystem includes a technology platform for building dApps, sidechain solutions that enables the connection of bespoke blockchains to the Horizen mainchain and ZenChat – a secure messaging service – censorship resistant, private and encrypted.

I will post my latest interview with their main developer here on my blog very soon, but this post is about their latest incentive – Giving Away ZEN (coins) for FREE to users worldwide. So, let me take you through the process which is very simple:

The ZEN faucet went live just a few days ago and you will find it here.

For those who aren’t aware what a faucet is you can find it explained in my kindle book “Crypto Jargon A-Z : Definitions of Crypto Terminology” but in simple words, it is a website that awards users free coins in order to create awareness and increase the popularity of a certain coin. These giveaways are random (small) amounts of the cryptocurrency in question and in the case of ZEN here, they occur EVERY DAY.
Every 20 hours to be more precise.Annotation 2019-11-01 170716In order to get these free rewards, follow this link :


You will be prompted to register but the only details they ask for are first name and email address, so there’s no elaborate KYC process or anything like that.


The next step is to confirm your email address (bear in mind that currently they allow gmail only) and you’re all set.

Once you have completed the steps above, you can go and claim your daily ZEN for free.


I use this service with my Coinomi wallet but you can also get the official ZEN wallet directly from their website.

You can also use an exchange wallet such as Bittrex if you are a member but in this article I will show you how to set up a Coinomi wallet which is the one I used.

First, download the Coinomi app on your mobile or desktop computer. I use the Andriod mobile app.

Once you’re in the app, you will need to add the coin to your account. Here’s how to do this:

First you’ll select “add coins” because ZEN is a coin, not a token, then you scroll down through the list of supported coins to find Horizen (ZEN is the currency of Horizen).

Once you add the ZEN wallet you will be sent into the main screen of the wallet which will be empty of course. Now you need to add some ZEN and to do this you will need to copy your wallet address and go to the Horizen faucet to claim your free zen rewards.

Follow these steps:

After you copy the wallet address you will go to the faucet website, paste the wallet address in the window and hit “CLAIM”. You will be prompted to sign-in at that point, so make sure you have already completed the registration stage and confirmed your email too. Once this is done, your ZEN rewards will be in your wallet within a few minutes.

And one more thing: if you claim these every day, you will receive a bonus : for each consecutive days (up to 5 days) you are awarded and you receive extra:

Day 2 you receive x1.2 compared to day 1
Day 3 you receive x1.4 compared to day 1
Day 4 you receive x1.6 compared to day 1
Day 5 you receive x1.8 + a Bonus Round where you can earn up to 1 ZEN
Day 6 you receive x2 compared to day 1

Annotation 2019-11-04 104344

It’s worth setting up a daily reminder about this so you don’t miss a day because that would reset the bonus counter if you miss a day.
Here’s my first three ZEN rewards which I received already. As you can see, each consecutive day I am getting slightly more than the previous.


This is the whole process. Just set a reminder to go back to this website the next day and claim your next reward. This free reward is a small amount as I mentioned, but remember, this is a reward you will be able to claim EVERY DAY, so good luck and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

To register for this free giveaway of ZEN follow my link:

Also, watch out on my upcoming posts as I will be doing an interview with the main developer of ZEN in a few days.

MERO Currency rebrands to BTCT. Token swap on NOV 20th.

Mero (MRO) Currency token holders beware: there will be a re-branding of MERO taking place on November 20 (2019)

Mero (MRO) Currency token holders beware: there will be a re-branding of MERO taking place on November 20 (2019) and all token holders will be required to swap their current ERC20 tokens for the new, mineable tokens named Bitcoin Token (BTCT).

I can only assume that this re-branding has to do with the falling popularity of the Mero token which started as a deflationary token and made some buzz in the airdrop-loving crypto community. The token was given mainly in the form of airdrops and bounties and it had a potential of price appreciation which sadly did not come to fruition.

The project developers had in mind that the token could switch to a mine-able coin some time in the future and as we see, this is going to happen on November 20th.

Currently you can exchange MRO tokens on these three exchanges:

Should you care to go for the token swap, you will receive the new tokens on 10:1 ratio and only one exchange is in charge with this token swap (for now). That exchange is Altilly.

Here is the official announcement as seen on the BTCT medium page:

“Dear MRO Token Holders,

We are excited to announce a consensus amongst the developers of Mero Currency that we are re-branding and moving to our own hosted blockchain. MRO will be rebranding to BTCT (Bitcoin Token).

When will the swap take place?

This swap will take place on November 20th, 2019. The swap will be automatic on the Altilly platform chaning all MRO to BTCT at a ratio of 10:1. We believe this is fair value as the Bitcoin Token blockchain will have more value being a minable coin.

The old contract address for MRO is:

Important Note and Advise!

Please We Advice each and Everyone of you to make sure your MRO Tokens are moved from your Private wallet to Altilly Exchange well ahead of the swap time. Note, any tokens left after Nov 20th in coinomi, mew or any other exchange will not be able to be swapped for BTCT.

We are excited that this move will garner more value for your investment as well as enable more community involvement and developer involvement in the project.

We are giving all MRO token holders time to move their tokens to a centralized exchange (Altilly) where the swap will take place.

P.S. In light of this change we are slowly starting to re-brand our social profiles (TelegramTwitterGithub) to the new Bitcoin Token branding (BTCT).”

Annotation 2019-10-28 141136

I hope this news comes to you just in time to take action. The MRO price surged shortly after this announcement but that was short-lived. You can choose to sell your tokens in the build-up to the token swap or join the Altilly exchange and move your coins there so that you can get the automatic token-swap. I personally will sell. Either way, it is important that you do not keep our MRO tokens in Coinomi (the wallet that was originally recommended for MRO hodlers) because after Nov 20th, you will not be able to swap them from there, so take action asap.

The website of Bitcoin Token is now live, you can check it out here.

Free CRO airdrops – How to get them

CRO token soars by 460% in the last 30 days (at the time of writing) and shoots to #24 in ranking (according to marketcap). Here’s how I got them for FREE.CRO

For the past few months I have been receiving these monthly airdrops of a new token called CRO. It is courtesy of which is the company behind the (very popular) Monaco card and their native token MCO. I reported about the card a few months ago when I met with their CEO Kris Marszalek at a blockchain conference in Malta and now I want to shed some light on their new token which you can also get for free (if you are a hodler of the MCO token of course).

Basically, is a developing payments platform that aims to maximize crypto adoption through multiple payment channels including Visa cards. It aims to provide zero fees have developed a platform to purchase and trade crypto from your phone. Additionally, their crypto wallet has cash-back features and a Visa card powered by the MCO token. The development of the Chain also includes the creation of the Chain Token (CRO) — that will enable cross-asset intermediary currency settlement.

The reason I am so excited by getting their new token (CRO) is the fact that it’s being airdropped at the beginning of EVERY MONTH because I do hodl MCO and I have been a fan since 2017. I was keeping the tokens in my Bittrex trading account and in Jaxx wallet for quite some time….until I found out about the airdrops. At that point I downloaded the app on my phone and moved all my tokens there so I can take advantage of this great deal. You can find out all the details about this on their help-page but  to cut it short, you every month, 166,666,666 CRO will be awarded to Wallet App MCO token holders based on their MCO token ownership relative to the MCO token Total Supply.

Currently that means for every 10 MCO you hodl, you receive 52.76 CRO and with their strong community, these tokens are quickly becomming a hot property week after week.

In the past month alone, the CRO token has swelled by more than 400% (as you can see from my screenshot above) and I know that in two weeks from now I’m getting the next month’s airdrop, so my holdings increase yet again.

I have been using the Wallet & Card App to buy, sell, track and send crypto. It comes together with a no-annual-fee metal MCO Visa Card and some great perks like cashback and airport lounge access.

Interested? Hear this: to get you started, I am sending you a sign-up bonus of $20.00 so go ahead and download the app by using my referral link  ( you’ll see my referral code: i596zgv11f on the signup page) and claim your bonus.

This limited offer is on a first come first serve basis, it will not be open indefinitely.

You can purchase MCO tokens from the app or from any of the exchanges on this list:


Alternatively, like many others, you can simply just buy the CRO tokens directly, if hodling MCO is not to your taste. I personally believe in the growth of that token, so I have no problems hodling it for coming year or more. I’ve had it for the past 2 years and it’s one of a few tokens that I see as a long-term holdings, but that’s me.

Good luck and enjoy the free airdrops. They come on 5th of each month…until supply is diminished.

Oh and last thing before I finish this article, here’s a screenshot of my airdrops in case you aren’t sure if this is for real. As you can see, I was adding more MCO so my airdrops increased every time.

Wondering which offline, hardware wallet I am most fond of? No doubt it is the Ledger Nano S and now eagerly waiting for their newest device – Ledger Nano X with support for over 200 different tokens and coins. You can check out my tutorials about it and order yours here:

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet