Crypto Jargon started as a series of 30 videos and blog posts dedicated to breaking down the complex crypto terminology we use in our posts, articles, chart analysis and social media.

There are hundreds of acronyms, terms and slang you will come across on a daily basis and I used to have to search for each of these when I first started researching and investing in cryptocurrencies, read long articles and compare different sources in order to correctly identify their meaning in reference to cryptocurrencies, so I decided to put them together in these short series and provide a simple, easy to understand breakdown of each.

This later grew into a more ambitious project and resulted in the publication of my first book “Crypto Jargon A-Z” which is now available on Amazon (Kindle) and on my website (at a super-90% discount) so make sure you grab a copy.
For less than $2 you can get all of the 800+ crypto terms explained and you never have to go through long blog posts and various websites just to get the definition of any of these terms anymore.

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Below are all of the entries of the Crypto Jargon Series in both written and video format.