Today sees another listing at the Exchange which is accompanied by another half-price sale as we’ve come to expect from this exchange. Exchange is still in its infancy and as such, they are competing for popularity and liquidity, which they do in a very cool way: by offering half-price deals on each coin they list.

In the past, we’ve seen them do this with Tron, Link, EOS, ENJ, even with Bitcoin.

This initiative works really well for them because we see their native token CRO continue to grow in value. Just a few months ago it was priced at $0.06 and it’s well over $0.15 today, so it has more than doubled in just 3 months.
The token was launched last year and was airdropped to the holders of MCO – the first token of and the one that gives you the right to get their much-talked about crypto debit card.

With CRO, their second token, they opened the door to more ways to profit. First, the token is used as utility for the exchange itself, but also, stakers of the token are now able to take part in their regular half-price listing events plus some other perks.

The rules are simple:

1 – You need an active account – use this link (on a mobile) with code: i596zgv11f and download their app on iPhone or Android. When you register your account and verify your KYC, you are automatically given an account with their exchange.
You also qualify for $50 if you use my code i596zgv11f.

2 – You will need to stake a minimum of 10 000 CRO tokens which will qualify you for the Syndicate offers. The Syndicate is the branch of the company which deals with the listings and the half-price deals.

3 – You will also need to have some CRO tokens to pay for the deal. The way they promote this token (and why it is so successful) is by making you buy the half-price deals via CRO, so if you want to get some NEO right now at half price, you will be selling CRO for it. Not the CRO you are staking, that is locked for 180 days (6 months) – but the CRO you have in addition to that.

4 – You will enter your account in the exchange, navigate to the Syndicate panel on the website and then you can subscribe for the offer. You choose how many CRO you want to exchange into NEO and then you’ll wait.

5 – The next day, after the deal is closed, they count the amount of users who placed orders and allocate the amounts according to their availability and the amounts of CRO staked by these users. In most cases this results in us receiving less than we applied for, but it’s still something.

6 – You will then receive an email to alert you that you have to accept your allocation of the tokens and finalize the process.

That’s all, you can go and get some NEO for $5 while it’s still on offer.

Good luck!

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