If you are a member of Crypto.com app, you might have noticed that they regularly run promotions. Being a relatively new exchange, they are still adding a lot of new coins to their platform and as they do that, they run 1-day promos where users are able to get their hands on coins at half price.

Such is the case with today’s ENJ coin promotion. It is available to stakers of CRO (the native token of the exchange) and the best part is that half of my CRO tokens were airdropped to me last year. I have been a user for a while and I had previously staked MCO tokens – the first token of the Crypto.com ecosystem. This gave me a reasonable amount of CRO tokens turned out to be a very lucrative deal. Its price has more than doubled in the past 6 months and it keep rising.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate (the branch of Crypto.com that deals with listings and promotions on Crypto.com) has been running quite a few such campaigns. They had half-price Bitcoin back in May for the Halving event, then there was the Ethereum promotion a few months earlier, ADA, ICX and VET have also been sold at half price in the past few months, so it’s really the best way to get your hands on some of these coins at 50% knockout price.


The process is not the most simple one, so let me explain what I had to do in order to qualify for this:

1- I had CRO tokens in my account on my Crypto.com App. This is the app where you can store BTC, ETH, MCO, CRO, BCH and many other coins. It’s mostly a wallet but it also gives you a lot of other perks such as the multi-coin debit card, interest gains on coins you lock-in (like a savings acount), loans and other services.

2- I had to transfer 10 000 CRO tokens from my wallet into my Crypto.com Exchange account which is part of the ecosystem but it’s a separate platform. They are interlinked, so the transfer was immediate and free. I did that from within my phone app without leaving it or having to open any other apps/websites

3- I then had to go into my crypto.com/exchange account (I did that on my computer) and select the CRO tokens to be staked. Staking is valid for 180 days, so in effect, I will not touch these tokens for the duration of this contract.

4- Once my staking was active, I was able to access the syndicate offer for ENJ at hal price and choose how many CRO tokens I want to convert into ENJ. I didn’t have any more CRO so at this point I went back into my phone app and converted some MCO tokens into CRO tokens which was also free of charge and an internal exchange, so it was easy and fast.

5- I then sent these new CRO tokens to my exchange account again and these are the ones that I used for the purchase of ENJ at half price.


The process is not too complicated, although it may seem so. The best part is that ENJ coins is one that I have been accumulating for a while, so at half price it’s definitely a steal.

Determining your Final Allocation

24 hours after the end of the subscription period, we will determine your final allocation of ENJ according to the terms set out above. Once the final allocation is confirmed, you have the option to agree to it by doing so via The Syndicate detail page after you log in to the Crypto.com Exchange. The un-used CRO will also be refunded to your balance in the Exchange after you have indicated your acceptance / rejection to the final allocation.You will forfeit your final allocation if you do not take action within 24 hours after your final allocation has been determined.Following determination of your final allocation, if it is below 0.001 ENJ, your final allocation will be automatically deemed to be 0 and will not be distributed to your ENJ balance.

ENJ Distribution

24 hours after the end of the Subscription Period, if we have received your agreement to your final allocation, an equivalent amount of ENJ will be reflected in your Exchange ENJ balance.

Next week as the Syndicate celebrates their anniversary, they have the same offer for Bitcoin (BTC) again, so this is even more of a reason to want to get your Crypto.com account up and running, so use this ref link and the code: i596zgv11f
If you order the MCO debit card, you also get $50 bonus paid to your account, so make sure you use the code i596zgv11f in order to get this offer.

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