When it comes to Faucets and crypto airdrops, contests and other giveaways this website has been consistently reporting on the ones that are legit and those to be avoided. I know that there’s a lot of scam out there and I do our best to keep you informed and alert of the ones that are worth your time and those that aren’t.

Now, you can argue that using a faucet is a bit time consuming or that they drip amounts too small to make it worth your time, but I know people who have consistently been using these and the small amounts of crypto they make become much larger, once a bull run happens, so many would argue that the benefit of having free amounts of crypto, however small, becomes evident later in time, so it’s a patience game.

And here we go, another Faucet drew my interest this week and you are first to know about it.

It’s called Pipeflare and much like the Zen Faucet I shared with you last year, this one too, shares random amounts of crypto on a daily basis.

This time the cryptos in question are two:

ZEC (Zcash) and DOGE Coin – both are privacy coins and both have been on the market for a few years already. I first traded Doge back in 2017 while ZEC has been in my portfolio since 2016, so both coins are with great fundamentals and they haven’t yet had their bull runs in this cycle, so things are yet to happen for these two cryptos.

Which makes this the perfect time to grab your hands on some free distribution of them (the lower their price is, the more amounts these faucets distribute and as the value goes up, the amounts will become lower, so it’s also a time game.

For those who may not know, a faucet is a website that promotes a cryptocurrency by gifting its users small amounts (a few cents’ worth) on a regular basis and encourages them to download the cryptocurrencies wallets and become part of their communities. This helps the adoption and usability of these cryptocurrencies, so faucets (those that are legit) are often provided by the developers of that cryptocurrency.

Some faucets are also trying to sell advertising space, so they would ask users to surf ads, open pop-ups, perform tasks and so on… which is how they are able to offer more coins for rewards, but these are usually very spammy, restrictive, laborious and not worth your time, so I don’t recommend them.

This is not the case with the PipeFlare faucet. The rules here are simple: you have your own account, you visit the website once a day, claim your free ZEC and Doge droplets and you receive them in the wallets you provide. Nothing more. You can also earn some extra bonuses for referring people and you earn more amounts on each following day if you visit the site daily.

So far you can choose what wallets you are sending these rewards to. You can choose an exchange (I receive my DOGE in Kucoin Exchange) or a wallet like Exodus maybe, Coinomi, Jaxx, Ledger, Trezor, Cobo Vault… pretty much any wallet you choose (that supports these coins).

Both coins have excellent overall rating on Token Metrics – the website that gives you the most in-depth analysis and price predictions of all major cryptocurrencies. Zcash is with particularly impressive technical and fundamental metrics, both pointing at over 80% approval and their technical analysis is also in the positive right now, which is a very bullish signal.

analytics provided by Token Metrics : https://tokenmetrics.com/?ref=ojjordan2

By using the Brave Browser, you are awarded further up to 2x of the initial amount you would receive if you were using another browser, so if you missed my article on why you should use Brave and move on from the slow, buggy and not-as-secure Chrome, check out this post. Brave is based on chromium, meaning that you get all the functionality of Chrome but without the over-usage of your computer’s RAM, which makes Brave faster, lighter to use and you keep all the bookmarks and extensions you had in Chrome because Brave connects directly to the Google Store for the extensions. You also earn free BAT (the native Brave token) which you can trade on many exchanges, like Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and so on… The token has great rating on Token Metrics and it’s been gaining upside momentum for the past year.

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