Just a few minutes ago my feed started getting flooded with reports of hacked accounts of Twitter influencers and celebrities.

First it was CZ Binance (the owner and most influential crypto figure), then more joined the hackaton – Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Justin Sun, Chrlie Lee… even Bloomberg wasn’t spared.

On top of that, companies like Uber, Apple and Cash App were added to the list. In fact, the list is growing as I’m writing this report.

The latest accounts reported are : Binance, Gemini, Kucoin, Tron Foundation… all companies accounts and with loads of followers.

The hackers are redirecting people to a fraudulent website and asking for any amounts of BTC to be sent in order to receive twice as much in return… needless to say there’s no return.

Many people have been caught up in the scam and one reported sending $10k to Bill Gates in the hope to get $20k back… what a pity.

So far it seems the hackers are making a fortune, reports point out to more than 50 BTC already being collected by the scheme and I can imagine this will double by tomorrow if people don’t read about it in time, so I am rushing to post this report without getting into too much detail.

All in all, it’s important to remember that EVERY time you see such “promotion” or “giveaway”, where you are asked to send any amount of cryptocurrency in order to receive back twice more… it’s a definite SCAM. Do not fall for it. Not this time, nor ever.

(edited the next day)

Luckily the hack made a lot of buzz online and every major news outlet reported on it, plus I saw tons of social media posts in various Facebook and Telegram groups that warned their members about it, so hopefully the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
Twitter users were quick in their response and as one user noted, this hack was possibly the biggest marketing campaign for Bitcoin as it exposed much of the general public to Bitcoin once again, even if it was in a slightly negative light…but as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Even Joe Biden’s account got used and that is quite something. I suspect an internal job, possibly a former employee of Twitter who got the sack recently or something..
For now this stays a mystery, but Bitcoin will emerge even stronger after this and we are getting ready for the next leg of the bull run that will possibly take us to the $12k and beyond.

Time will tell.

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