I’ve reported many times about the exclusive half-price deals that the guys at Crypto.com are doing ever-so-often and this post is no exception.

Since 2019, the team behind Crypto.com have been bringing us many an offer. The goal is to promote their (still new) exchange platform. Every time they list a new coin on the exchange, members of the Syndicate (the branch that takes care of these offers) are given the chance to buy amounts of that coin or token at half price.

So far we’ve had a long list of such deals and they keep coming. The last few coins were DAI, NEO, KNC, ALGO, ADA, ENJ, ICX, VET, ETH, Tezos and the list continues (see image below).

Next week we have BAT and on 8th September there will be yet another half price Bitcoin sell-off, so get your Crypto.com accounts ready.

What you need to do:

In order to participate in these offers, you need to meet a few criteria:

1 – you need to have the crypto.com mobile app – this is the main product and it’s a multi-currency wallet with features like exchange, savings with annual interest, loans and more.

2 – you need to own and stake CRO – this is the native token of Crypto.com and it’s a very popular one – it not only gives you staking rewards, but it also qualifies you for the half-price deals.

3 – you need to have some extra CRO ready for the deals : when you apply for any amount of coins in these half-price deals, you are buying them with the CRO token, so you’ll need to have more than the amount you are staking.

4 – you also need to have $5000 worth of trading volume for the past 30 days (which can be achieved by multiple trades of smaller amounts)

5 – you need to apply for a purchase of any amount of coins during the deal timeframe (usually these deals are open for 24 hours), then you will be allocated an amount that corresponds to the amount you have staked and depending on the demand that there is for this offer. You will receive an email confirming your allocation and you will have to agree and confirm your acceptance.

That’s it.

On 18th August the BAT Half-Price deal kicks in. Details about it are already visible on the website and if you are following this blog and reading this as I post it, set a reminder about it and make sure you take advantage of the offer.

You can also make use of their much-sought-after crypto debit card, which is also multi-currency prepaid card, so you can spend your crypto directly in stores or withdraw cash from any ATM.

To register and get started, use this link (on mobile) and download their App. 
For a more detailed instructions on how to participate in the half-price deals, check out this post where I give an example with one of the coins I purchased recently.


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