There are many staking coins and various ways they reward their hodlers. Some require running a masternode, others require longer lock-in period of the coins or a higher amount limit. And then there are those with a simpler, more user-friendly strategy like BNB and KCS which share a similar model so it makes sense to compare them here.

Both coins are serving as utility tokens for two big exchanges:

Binance is currently the fastest growing alt coin exchange platform with over 3 million customers and an excellent selection of alt coins. Kucoin has a smaller memberbase and subsequently, a smaller volume which is also reflected in the value of their coin. Both BNB and KCS have been gaining traction in the past 6 months and have produced impressive results but the obvious leader in this race so far is Binance Coin with an average price of $13 (at the time of writing) and estimated market cap of 1.5 billion USD. Kucoin Shares is lagging in comparison and currently stands at around $4 with an estimated market cap of 43 million USD.

More about Binance Coin (BNB) :
The current circulating supply of BNB is 114,041,290 from which the company allegedly has around 80 million safely stored. Total supply is capped at 200 million but they are burning some of these (if I am correct they buy 20% of the supply per year back and destroy it) to increase the price which is becoming a common practice for many alt coins.

Rewards: discounted fees to members depending on the amount of BNB they stake. Binance as an exchange has a fee of 0.10% on each trade. When using BNB this fee is reduced by 50%. The amount is automatically calculated and reduced from the BNB Tokens in the wallet. This is the way Binance is rewarding its customers for staking its coin which in return brings more value to the coin due to scarcity. Should the demand for the coin continue, it’s a win-win scenario for all members of Binance who are staking. The higher the amount you have, the less fees you pay, which is another incentive for higher staking.

Kucoin Shares has a circulating supply of 11,135,728 KCS and a total supply capped at 200 million KCS as well.
KuCoin Shares were initially distributed through a private sale and an ICO as a means of funding the development and growth of the exchange. Like Binance coin(BNB), KCS can be used to pay trading fees, and doing so rewards users with a significant discount. Unlike Binance Coin, however, KuCoin provides added value to its customers by sharing 50% of all trading fees with all KCS holders. In other words, the exchange is paying a percentage dividend from their trading fees collected for all coins that their members trade at all times. Every quarter, KuCoin takes 10% of its profits to purchase and burn KuCoin Shares. This program will continue each quarter that KuCoin is profitable until 100 million of the 200 million coins in the total supply have been burned.

Both exchanges offer an affiliate program where you are paid commissions for bringing new customers but the terms change every now and then so best will be to check what is the current state of their affiliate plans. With Binance the referral commissions could be up to 40% (for those who stake 500 BNB or more) which can be very rewarding especially for those who have large networks. You have your own referral link that you need to share with your friends and fellow trading enthusiasts and you can start earning some additional revenue in no time.

So far both coins have a lot in common and both have a great potential for further growth but please don’t take this post as a buy-signal. Always analyze the market well first and look for the right entry point. I’m sharing this to bring awareness and give you a sense of perspective for possible trading opportunities. The two exchanges are still in their early days and are experiencing growth which is a positive too. Should anyone decide to get involved, they must keep an eye on all news surrounding the exchanges because it is very likely that any major disruption to the business will reflect in the value of their coin. With that said, I am happily trading both and trying to always keep a healthy balance of either coin on their exchanges.

If you haven’t yet opened an account with either of them here are the links:



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