For those who might have missed the memo, EOS is moving to its native blockchain from June 2018. Currently the tokens are Ethereum based, ERC20 type tokens and from June they will move away from Ethereum and will start their own blockchain. This means that we (EOS token hodlers) will have to do what is called a “coin swap” but it is a very simple process.

First, let me point out that if you are keeping your tokens on an exchange, most likely they will deal with this and you will not have to do anything. Binance has already announced support for the token-swap but Bittrex has not made a statement as of yet (May 2018) so it might be best to do this yourself. The easiest option you have is Exodus – this wallet provides the most simple and straightforward way to register your wallet address. Take a look at my video tutorial to see what you need to do:


Buy EOS on Binance


Also, you can check out my top choice for hardware (cold) storage of your top coins. The Ledger Nano S is the best device on the market that offers safe and trusted solution for storing a huge number of Alt Coins and Bitcoin of course.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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