This is really the easiest way to claim your forked coins from the BCH hard fork that happened on 15 November 2020.

It’s been a year since that fork and I only now remembered to split my coins and I found the most straightforward and simple way to do this.

If you aren’t familiar what I’m talking about, last year, on 15 Nov 2020 BCH split into two competing networks—Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) following a major divide in the community. This was caused by a controversial proposal from the coin’s lead development team ABC for a “miner tax” which the community rejected.

Since then the BCH Node gained the majority hashing power, so it kept the BCH symbol and the ABC version fell sharply on the market, then it went through a rebrand and it’s now known as e-Cash. This, by the way, was the name of one of the first attempts at creating digital money back in the 90s, so I’m not sure if anyone from that team has been involved in the original e-cash project or they simply stole the name for convenience) I would expect the latter, since they already hijacked the Bitcoin name in their first forking attempt. These guys are really not that original at all.

Nevermind, after the rebranding the new symbol for the BCHABC token is now XEC and the denomination is at 1: 1,000,000

This means that for each 1 BCH you have since before the fork occurred, you are getting 1 million XEC tokens. This is how it works with these hard forks.

At the current rate of XEC, these amount to around $200, so it’s worth getting them. I’m not holding them at all, I’m selling them straight away.

To get the forked coins I am using an exchange which does the split for me and it happens at the moment of depositing my Bitcoin Cash coins into my account. The exchange is CoinEx and it’s not a new exchange, but if you are not operating with it, use my invite link to register.

Once you have your account ready and set up, simply deposit Bitcoin Cash (BCH) there and you will automatically receive the relevant amount of eCash (XEC) in the account. Then you can sell it or do whatever you want with it.
 In my video below I show you the deposits I made and I tested the withdrawal too, so it all works.

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