There’s a new hard fork of Ripple, initiated by the Flare Network, which will create a new token (SPARK) which will be airdropped to XRP holders at 1:1 ratio.

The Snapshot of the Blockchain will occur on Saturday 12/12/2020 (at the end of this week) and after I mentioned this in yesterday’s episode of Crypto Corner, I got a lot of questions regarding this airdrop.

I address these in today’s episode of Crypto Corner, so take a look and decide what is the best way to go forward with this (if you want to).

According to the founder of Flare Network, Hugo Philion:
“Flare is bringing smart contracts to Ripple – in other words, it offers Ethereum-like use case for Ripple and utilises the fast speed of the XRP token without using the Proof Of Stake protocol. The goal is to bring a more efficient scaling solution and added features to Ripple.”

This is all good, but what does it mean for XRP holders and how to get your hands on these tokens for free…? I address this in the video, I also talk about my projection of how the new tokens might perform on the market, once they are released to the XRP holders. It’s all in today’s episode, take a look:


►The Markets Today 03:35

►Flare Network – Spark Token Airdrop details 06:31

►Your Questions Answered – What is the Spark fork about? What exchanges will support this airdrop? Should I buy XRP now? When is the deadline for this Airdrop?

►Twitter Giveaway – Get a Free Hardware Wallet 02:15



📄white paper

📄How to claim:

📄Exchanges Supporting the Airdrop

📄Atomic Wallet

📄Eodus Wallet

📄Ledger Nano – LEDGER USERS: XRP MUST BE ON YOUR LEDGER DURING THE 12/12 SNAPSHOT. You then have 6 months after to claim your Spark tokens. If the XRP is not on the Ledger during the 12/12 snapshot, then you won’t be able to claim on Ledger after the snapshot. Here are the directions to claim SPARK with Ledger. Spark claimed using a Ledger Nano is a bit more complicated for most. Here are the directions:


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