It’s been a while since I covered one of the easiest ways to earn some crypto on this blog, so I thought I should do an update.

I’m referring to faucets – a faucet is a service that offers free units of a cryptocurrency and although the faucet space is crowded with spam and fraudulent websites that pretend to be distributing crypto for free, there are still those that are genuine and spam-free and I will be reviewing two of them.


The first one I want to mention is PipeFlare – a service that opened recently and began as a Zcash faucet, then extending to PIVX and most recently, added DASH too. These three of the top privacy coins and it’s a great way to gather as much of them as possible while the service is operating.

Before you ask “But why would they send you any coins for free?”, let me say that you’re getting just tiny amounts of these cryptocurrencies and the incentive is free because this way the developers of these projects get to promote them and gain bigger following, plus they introduce the cryptocurrencies to new audiences – those who would potentially become faithful holders of crypto as time goes by.

How it works?

It’s actually very simple: you can visit the faucet website once a day (once every 24hrs) and with a click of a button you claim the random reward. It’s also good if you can manage consistency, as each consecutive day you visit the faucet, you get a higher amount until the 7th day when you get double the amount of day one (see screenshot below). There’s also a bonus round on day 6, which is also a random amount (from 3 possible amounts) – this is a spin-the-wheel type of reward and you need to use the bonus button for that. Each week you start getting more and more of the bonus day, for 4 weeks in a row. Then it restarts. You are limited to 1 entry per day but you are not limited to only one account, so some people use a few accounts to get the most of this free service.


  1. Open your free Pipeflare account with this link (gmail needed for registering)
  2. Enter your Zcash (and PIVX and Dash) wallet address in your account settings (any wallet of your choice, I use Coinomi, Ledger Nano X and Binance Exchange).
  3. Login to your Pipeflare account once every 24 hours
  4. Fill-in the Captcha
  5. Get the reward

It’s also worth mentioning that if you use the Brave Browser, you get 20% more rewards, so if you aren’t yet familiar with it, check out my review of Brave here in this post.

You also get higher rewards when you add your social media accounts (this is optional).

If you have friends who want to do the same, you can share your referral link with them, so you can earn another bonus (in Zcash) for that too.

That’s all. Simple, easy, spam-free.

I emphasize that it’s spam free, because pretty much all the other faucets I have come across (in the last 2 years) have been full of spam, pop-ups, annoying ads and even straight-scam type of services, so I typically avoid them.


The second faucet I have to mention here is the ZenHub – a service I already reviewed here on this blog last year. It’s been working great since its launch a year ago and it’s also based on the same principle. In fact, I think that the Zcash developers copied Zenhub, as their website and service really mimics what ZenHub has been doing for quite some time. That doesn’t matter though, as both services provide you with free units of crypto, so makes sense to use both. The ZenHub also distributes random amounts of ZEN – the privacy coin of the Horizen ecosystem. You can learn more about ZEN from this post and if you’re following this blog for some time, you’ve probably already seen many posts about it here as I have been following the Horizen project since the days it was called Zencash (it started as a fork of Zclassic, which was a fork of Zcash, so they share the same privacy and technical specifications).

The only difference is that with ZenHub you only get rewards in ZEN and you get the doubler every 6 days, then the counter resets. You also get to claim rewards to any wallet of your choice and I personally send them straight to my Binance account, from where I am going to trade the coin once it goes up in value (it is currently quite cheap, so I am just holding it at this point).

There’s an additional bonus for those who choose to verify their ZEN wallet address and hodl their ZEN coins in there for at least 24 hours, so it’s worth checking this feature.

Earn Unlimited Rewards via the Level-up Referral Program

With the ZenHub’s upgraded referral program you can also earn an unlimited amount of extra rewards from your referrals AND your referees’ referrals up to 4 levels! When you invite someone to ZenHub, you will earn extra rewards each time they and their referees claim free ZEN. 

To open a free ZenHub account and start earning ZEN every day, follow this link.

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