It’s no secret that this year has been the worst in a decade and possibly in a century as we will find out soon. The world is in a crisis, nearly every country has been hit hard by the virus pandemic and prolonged lockdowns combined with shut downs of many businesses is inevitably leading us into a huge economic collapse that will spread across the world.

We already have more than 30% of small and medium-size businesses going bankrupt, leaving hundreds of thousands of workers in the cold and with that, people are looking for ways to secure their capital. The endless printing of money doesn’t help either. It only creates a short-term solution that will lead to a long term devaluation of these currencies as the buying power of the population decreases and the inflation kicks in.

For a moment it seemed that Gold, Silver and other precious metals might be the answer, but for the common folk these are just safer instruments of store of value and the recent jump in the price of Silver was followed by an 80% crash just two days later as the market is manipulated by the banks and corporate money. Stocks seem to be doing well in the past few months but as more and more companies shrink or close down, the stock market is doomed for another crash very soon.

With all this in mind, I give you my solution and it’s a simple one: cryptocurrencies.

Why Cryptocurrency is More Than a Hedge Against Traditional Currencies

For the longest time precious metals used to be the best way to protect your capital from natural value decrease, but Bitcoin and other crpytocurrencies are changing the game.

During the last few months of international economic crisis, governments kept printing money which leads to inflation and subsequently many investors look for alternatives to invest in assets with better potential gains. Still a new asset class, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widely used as financial instruments but more importantly, as investment instruments due to their huge growth in value over the course of this year. The US Dollar, one of the leading world currencies has already lost 5% of its value this year and this is only the beginning. Over the next few years it’s projected to drop in value by further 20% (according to analysts at Goldman).

With the value of dollar assets dropping rapidly, investors are looking to Bitcoin and other crypto as a safe hedge against deflation of their capital. This appears to be one of the reasons why Bitcoin has been going up ever since the pandemic started. The price of a whole unit of Bitcoin was around $4000 back in March (as the pandemic hit hard) and today, at the time of writing this article, one Bitcoin is trading at $11,700. This is nearly 3 times value increase since March. This is not even the best example. Chainlink, a cryptocurrency project that operates in the DeFi space, has gained over 500% in the same period and there are many other coins with similar performance.

For those who are still on the fence of crypto, let me just point out that the bear market that we experienced throughout 2018-2019 is now behind us and since March this year we have started the next bull cycle which is going to take us well into 2022 and beyond. Which means that you have at least two years or more to make insane profits with Bitcoin and many altcoins. Especially those in the DeFi sector. I wrote about the DeFi coins in another article on this blog as they are experiencing a boom this year. Chainlink, Band, Coti and many others are already up by more than 500% since the beginning of the year and this is just the beginning.

So, how can you get involved?

I have been writing about cryptocurrencies since 2016 and I’ve created hundreds of videos, articles and tutorials for people who want to start investing or trading these hugely volatile assets. Volatility by the way, is a good thing. It means you are able to take advantage of the big swings in their market value and this is how so many of us became millionaires during the last bull cycle of 2015-2017. We are now at the beginning of another such bull run and I’m sure we will see even more people join the millionaire club this time around. It’s already started. My crypto portfolio is up by $140,000 just in the last three months.

I just published my new book about cryptocurrencies. Learn Crypto is a practical guide that has everything you need to know to safely invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I packed all of my knowledge and expertise in one place and you will find out what cryptocurrencies are, why they exist in the first place, what is the difference between the various types of coins and tokens, their utility, everything that is related to them and all the websites and tools to use to track their prices and other metrics. You will also learn how to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies, which are the right exchanges to use, the safest wallets to store them, the do’s and don’t’s of investing and strategies for building a successful crypto portfolio like I did.

There’s much more of course, but I cannot go over it all here in this post, so just go to and grab your digital copy today.



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