In a blog post on Data Privacy Day, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that its “Off-Facebook Activity” tool — which lets you manage how Facebook tracks you across the internet — will finally be launched globally.

I shared the news right away on my Facebook page and I decided to add this in a post on this blog too since it is a very helpful tool. I think you might like to check it out and clear some of that unnecessary data that Facebook stores and shares about you.

In fact, pretty much every app you use on your phone or website you visit is now sending data back and forth to your social media accounts and that includes apps that are fitness or health related, of course dating and other social interaction-based apps, which Facebook defended as “industry standard practice.”

Facebook had been criticized by lawmakers for its expansive tracking methods, such as the Facebook Pixel. The tool, which is named because it’s essentially the size of a pixel and not noticeable on a webpage, gives Facebook information on when you visit a website and what your activities were, such as buying something from the page. It had been on at least 8.4 million websites across the internet, according to a letter sent to the UK Parliament in 2018.

What seems even more invasive is that when your Facebook account is deactivated, the social network continues to track your web activity, assuming that you will return and looking to show the most relevant ads when you come back.

This is why I am posting this video here, to bring to your attention their new tool that is supposedly going to help you limit that invasive activity if not prevent it completely.

Along with deleting your history through the tool, the Off-Facebook Activity feature also allows you to turn off future tracking, making sure that your online history is NOT a continuous chore that you have to keep cleaning on Facebook.

Watch my short video below to see how to enable the feature:

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