Since the beginning of 2018 we saw a massive decline in the price of Bitcoin and all the rest of the crypto market as result of the over-inflated, FOMO-driven hype of the late 2017. Partially, this was due to the necessary market correction that follows such a steep curve of the market but there’s also another factor to take into account when analyzing the price-action of Bitcoin throughout the rest of the year. This is what is being discussed here in an interview by Glen Beck and Teeka Tiwari, a respected market analyst, editor at the Palm Beach Research Group and an ex hedge fund manager. I used excerpts from their hour-long discussion to bring you the key points of how and why we are still experiencing this huge decline in both prices and public sentiment when it comes to Bitcoin.

In my live stream I also discussed the possibility of turning $650 into $4000 (personal opinion, not financial advice) and why I think this is very likely to happen.

Take a look (you can skip the first 5 minutes and go straight to the interview)

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