You’ve probably heard many people, gurus, leaders and experts, all talking about the importance of having a goal. Something that keeps your determination and you are striving for, that keeps you going and doing whatever it is you’re dping.
Goals are very, very important.
Alongside with your personal Why, which is the very reason for your being on this journey to success or affluence, (however you wish to call it), having one or a few solid Goals is the next crucial factor toward your progress.
But there is something even more important for our progress, especially for short term successes. These goals need to be narrowed down into series of targets.

You see, Goals are very important indeed, for they are the basis, the core of your motivation, but very easily, our motivation can be crushed by an early failure, rejection of a  kind, an overload of complex new matter and tools that you need to learn from a scratch and so on. Sound familiar? I know it first hand. Like every other state of our mind or spirit, Motivation needs nurturing and continuous stimuli.
This is when we need to utilise characteristics like responsibility and competitive spirit. Both are responding to targets and this is howTargets are a necessary nutrient to your Motivation.
A Goal can be rather unspecific, something like, “I want to have financial freedom”, “I want to be rich”, “I want to make millions”…and so on, you get the point. Great goals but too loose and unspecific. We need to turn these into Targets.
A Target should have set limits for both the time and the scale (size) of the end result.
For instance, “I want to sell X amount of units until the end of next month”. Now this will help you be more accountable to yourself and you’ll be chasing every sale and reaching toward that target on a daily basis. Now your motivation is on fire and your focus is fixed, itnis much more likely that you will hit that target (provided it was not a totally unreasonable of course – common sense need not be abandoned).
Another example, this time for a mid-term target would be, “I want to get X amount of leads by the end of this quarter.” – Now your deadline is not too tight, but the numbers would be higher and you should still be waking up 2 hours too soon and jumping out of bed to start your day. And you will be motivated by your own productivity and passion too.
A generic Goal won’t do that.

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