It’s that time of the year again.

My favourite hardware wallet – Ledger Nano is having a massive sale offer ALL WEEK.

I’ve been using the Ledger devices ever since I got my first Bitcoin and throughout the years they improved their devices so much.
Ledger has been a solid little vault since the early days but the latest model and the upgrades to their firmware made it even better. Gone are the days where we had to choose between only 3 or 4 coins to store, the early Nano S model was having a very limited capacity but with the latest upgrade to its firmware, we can now store up to 10 different coin apps on the device and there are over 1000 to choose from.

What’s even better, the latest model – NANO X can store over 100 and it even has a Bluetooth option to navigate it from your mobile phone on the go – which is what I’m doing most of the time and this has really changed everything for me. I used to store smaller amounts of my coins in cloud wallets just to have the convenience to use them when I’m not at home or on short travels where I don’t carry my laptop with me but since I got the Nano X I don’t have to worry about this anymore, I just sync it with my phone app and I’m able to access all my crypto assets from anywhere – how good is that.

I’ve posted many tutorials on the Ledger devices over the past few years, the latest one was my Start-to-Finish tutorial on how to set up your Nano X device and how to restore it as a previous device – if you have already used a previous one, so make sure you check these out too.

So, if you’ve been eager to get your hands on one of these devices, now is your chance to get them at a great discount all week…

Yes, it’s really a week-long black Friday event and the sales are now ON. Click the banner below or to the right ——>>>
or use this link  to get the discount offer straight from their official website.


Thank me later.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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How to reset and restore Ledger Nano X to use as a previous device – step by step guide

You can actually sync the new device to be associated with the data from the old device and use it alongside with it. This way you can keep your Nano S at home or elsewhere safe while using the Nano X on the go and with you at all times since it has the wireless sync feature which makes it ideal for everyday usage…..

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

In my previous tutorial I showed you how to set up the Ledger Nano X as a new device but many of us already have the previous model (the Ledger Nano S) and we have a lot of coins already stored there, so this is a very useful tutorial for those who, like me, want to replace the nano S with this new device and use it instead. You can actually sync the new device to be associated with the data from the old device and use it alongside with it. This way you can keep your Nano S at home or elsewhere safe while using the Nano X on the go and with you at all times since it has the wireless sync feature which makes it ideal for everyday usage.

This is my thorough video with step by step guidance on what you need to do.

I start with resetting the device because I had it set up as a new device, but if you just bought yours and have not set it up at all, then skip the first 7 minutes of the video and go straight to the part where I start the restore process.

🔑 Get your own Ledger Nano X (or S) here: http://bit.do/ledgerNano

Here’s my previous tutorial in case you are new to the Ledger Nano devices and want to set it up as a new device: https://crypto-corner.com/2019/06/05/ledger-nano-x-tutorial/

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Ledger Nano X unboxing + complete set up guide (tutorial)

Ledger Nano are the most popular wallet device series to date. Their “S” model which was released in 2016 was the first hardware wallet that sold over 1 million units worldwide and now they come up with an upgraded version, the Nano X model which has some very cool improvements. It’s truly a One-Fits-All type of device and I’ll tell you what I mean by that.

For starters, it has Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile phone app that finally allows for a wireless connection on the go. I’ve been using mobile wallet apps like Coinomi and Jaxx for a while, purely to have the easy access to my coins when I’m travelling, but with this new device I will not need to rely on cloud wallet services anymore, I can simply have all my coins with me and access them from my phone while at the same time having the security of the best hardware storage on the market.

Another great new improvement is the capacity of the device. The previous model was only able to store up to 5-6 coin apps so I ended up using 3 of these devices for my alts but with the Nano X this is no longer the case. This new device can store up to 100 coins, there are 1100+ supported coins and tokens to choose from so that means you can store all of your crypto assets in one place. At last.

In addition to these cool new features, the Ledger Nano X has enhanced security chips (two of them) and their SE(secure element) is what protects your private keys and seed phrase – they never leave the device, so even with Bluetooth connection being at risk (some would argue that Bluetooth itself is not very safe to use) the fact is that every action needs to be confirmed on the device itself and this way there’s no danger of having your money sent without your approval.

Now, on to the actual setting up guide. Here is my video tutorial where I take you step by step through the process.

You can order your Nano X (or Nano S if you prefer) from HERE.

The application that you need in order to control the device and sync it is called Ledger Live and it’s available for both desktop computers and mobile devices. The link to download it is: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-live.

Other useful links to use are:

Ledger Support (setting up instructions)

Ledger Security Features explained.

List of all Supported Crypto Assets.