Bitcoin AfterParty is coming to New York and you’re invited with a special Crypto Corner 25% DSICOUNT

How would you like to party with Bitcoin millionaires in a super-luxury VIP 17 hours event?

This is the latest offering by the organisers of the most luxurious events After Party Events Ltd – a London-based company that is throwing s series of Bitcoin celebrations across the globe upon Bitcoin hitting milestone targets.

The first outing of the series is in New York and according to my projection, will occur in 2022. The date is kept open and will be confirmed once we see Bitcoin hit exactly $250,000 – this is when the organisers will announce the date of the event and we will have 3 months from that point to get our party shoes out of the closet and organise our trip.

Here are some of the perks that you get with this invite:

  • This is a 17-hour event – you get to attend talks, networking zone, food halls and party zone.
  • Arrive in style with one of the 21 limousines available on site.
  • The event is going to host celebrity DJs as well as key speakers from around the world – expect the “Who’s Who” of crypto – all the most famous crypto experts.
  • Access to $500,000 (that’s half a million US dollars) in various giveaways for all attendees.
  • Luxury Tombola where you can win a Rolex and many other luxury items, even a lambo or two…
  • Michelin-star food and an Open Bar (yes, drink and eat as much as you like, for free).
  • Free Money Dancefloor – ever had money rain on you from a disco ball right on the dancefloor?
    Now’s your chance.
  • Red Carpet Awards Ceremony.
  • Luxury Brands Zone & Crypto Brands Zone.
  • Cabaret, Comedy and Magic performances for your entertainment.
  • Free bespoke party concierge, customer service
  • NFT Ticket – I will keep mine, but you can sell it on Opensea and other secondary markets.

There’s even more. The event will be part of a documentary that you choose whether you want to be featured in and there’s even a 14-day cool-off period if you change your mind (why would anyone do that though?).

For the many years I’ve been in this industry, I have never seen anything bigger than this. Most crypto events are simply packed with sales pitches that want to sell you their products and services – there’s none of that here.

Finally we get to enjoy a true networking and socializing event where you get to make new contacts with only the most successful and accomplished crypto entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.

This is not just a Party, but the biggest and best After Party ever… and you have the ticket!

If you were lucky enough to get the ticket you will be here, in New York with us, and you won’t be sleeping!
You, your partner or friends are about to be rewarded for being part of the biggest Financial Revolution since the advent of money. You’ve made it!

I’ve secured a deal with the organisers to offer -25% discount and save you $1050 with this code: OJJORDAN

You will apply this code on the checkout page, just go to to get your ticket now.

Tickets are limited to 2100 only and they will go up in price over time, so my advice is not to delay.

The next event from the series will be held upon Bitcoin hitting another significant milestone – $500,000 which will be celebrated in Miami.
Until then, I hope to see you in New York.

To secure your ticket now, go to : and apply discount code: OJJORDAN at checkout.


The exact events time and sequence will be confirmed later, but for now I can reveal the following:

Morning 10am

The day will begin at 10am with an exhibition and multi media event.

You will be greeted by scores of staff to guide you around the vast 80,000 square feet of luxury action. Grab your champagne and buckle up! You will be guided to the fascinating and varied exhibits, luxury goods, boutiques, fashion shows, jewellery, supercars and cutting edge technology will astound you.
Then make your way to the terraces where you can re fuel. Here with a view of the city, enjoy breakfast or brunch with fresh juice bars, specialist barista coffees, or endless champagne to wash down your luxury New York bagels, muffins, fresh pastries and gourmet sandwiches.

Afternoon 1.00pm – 5.00pm

As the day moves on, join the audience in the “Big Talk Show” studio, or join your favourite influencers for an intimate chat. Checkout the “Speaker Line Up” on the main stage and keep yourself topped up with our Ritz style afternoon teas for the big night ahead.

Feel free to use the 21 limousines to nip back to your hotel to change or use the venue facilities to freshen up. 

COCKTAILS, CABARET & CANAPÉS : Early Evening 5pm – 7pm

Early evening things really heat up with our “Big Bitcoin Name” key speakers on the main stage and a high end fashion show. With sundowners, cocktails, cabaret and Michelin starred canapés served on the terrace you can watch the sunset before you explore the vast array of luxury street food, craft beers and open bars popping up at every turn!

THE BAFTERS AWARDS : Evening 7pm – 10.00pm

If you are returning from a break at your 5 star hotel , then the red carpet will welcome you, for the “BAFTERS”, our Star Studded Awards Ceremony where the celebrity compère will host many of Bitcoins most famous names on the main stage. Think Oscars for your Bitcoin heroes…But if you prefer to have a little more space, sit, chat and enjoy the live bands on the terrace whilst watching the sunset over the Hudson with bespoke cocktails. Or take part in our luxury fairground games, with amazing prizes.

IN THE CLUB : Late Night 10.00pm onwards

As the night goes on our celebrity DJ will follow the awards ceremony on the big stage to really get the After party started. Famous YouTubers and celebrities will mix with our select ticket holders as the dancing kicks off. 

This is the real After Party…

Drinks will flow, unlimited food will be served, cash will fall from the ceiling, luxury fairground party games will tantalise, magicians and comedians will amaze you in every zone…ensuring this will be one of the best nights of your life

All tickets come with a collectible NFT artwork – you can even re-sell the NFT on secondary markets, but don’t sell your ticket before you go the party.

Official website:

Ticket Discount Code: OJJORDAN (apply at checkout) – this gives you -25% discount and you can get a further 10% discount if buying your ticket with crypto. That will save you $1500 in total.

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