You’re probably familiar with Black Friday – a commonly used name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season since 1952 but only became widely known as Black Friday and spread out internationally in the past decade. I still remember out first glimpse of a Black Friday in the UK, with the news reports showing people fighting over plasma TVs and other high-ticket gadgets. It’s a stark contrast to the March of this year reports where people were fighting over… well, uh… toilet paper..

However, the biggest consumer’s day of the year has now moved largely online, especially with the recent pandemic events that forced us to switch to an even more digital existence, so it’s no wonder that the event has become a week-long affair and smoothly transitions to its little brother, known as Cyber Monday. 

In crypto, there’s a so-called Bitcoin Black Friday initiative, credited to Jon Holmquist, who arguably started this back in 2012 as a way to co-opt a mainstream celebration of consumerism and help Bitcoiners promote their favorite technology. By encouraging merchants to offer discounts on their goods and services when shoppers paid with BTC, the holiday became a showcase for Bitcoin as a payments system, a tool to encourage more businesses to adopt it and a way for HODLers to propel the Bitcoin circular economy. Or so I’m told. However, it is 8 years on and the Bitcoin payments have weathered down a lot, by this point most of the Bitcoiners have become hodlers and rarely use it for purchases due to its increasing value. When I was spending my Bitcoin back in 2016-17 via my Xapo debit card, I kept getting trolls on Twitter calling me the next Laszlo Hanyecz (a.k.a. Bitcoin Pizza Guy). 

So it’s quite a common thing these days – Black Friday I mean… and NOT spending your BTC but still using that much despised (in the crypto community) fiat, so this is where we stand 8 years later. 

So much for introduction to Black Friday, now let’s see which are the top deals this year, what should you get your hands on at the biggest discounts of the year (if we don’t count the market dips of course…)

Hardware wallets

These are the most secure devices on the market and if you know anything about crypto, you know that holding your coins in custodial wallets like Coinbase or exchanges (and other web-based services) is a big No-No. I own 4 of these wallets myself and I cannot begin to explain the benefits of this here – I have done that many times in many a post and a video in the past, so I shall spare you the agony of reading yet another post about how your coins are not yours, if they aren’t in your own hardware wallet. If you didn’t know that already, just google it. Seriously. I mean it.

There are a few great devices on the market today and they all have Black Friday Offers running until the end of the week, so you have three days now to grab a bargain.

1Ledger Nano (S or X) – easily the most popular device on the market. I’ve been using these since 2016 and I’ve done many tutorials and reviews on them. Supports thousands of coins and tokens and is most compact of all devices on the market.

You can get yours with -40% discount right now from this link and apply code: BLACKFRIDAY20

2– Cobo Vault Pro – the most secure device I’ve come across (and I own one too). It’s totally airgapped (meaning that there’s no internet or computer connectivity, leaving NO ROOM for error and making it hack-proof). The device also has a self-destructive mechanism in case it gets stolen (just keep that seed phrase safe and sound for a recovery later on). Supports hundreds of coins and even has a Bitcoin Maximalist feature (meaning you can set it up to only support Bitcoin if that’s what you want to do).

You can get it with -15% discount from this link and apply code: BF2020

3– Trezor – what used to be the most preferred device 4 years ago, but it has now fallen behind in the race, mainly due to many reports of hacks, touch-screen problems and other similar troubleshootings. It’s still a top choice, but somewhat less favourite of mine these days. 

You can get it at 20% discount from this link and pally code: BLACKFRIDAY2020

4- KeepKey – this is another one that used to be a crowd favourite up until Ledger and Trezor became cheaper and added more tokens and coins, so KeepKey is lagging behind these days and it only supports about 40 coins, but for a long term hodler of the top 4 cryptos, it does the job.

You can get one with erm… No discount per se, but at around $50 price tag, it is literally 60% down from its $149 price tag a few years back. I wonder if they will ever produce any new versions of the device… 

Here’s the official website (it was bought by ShapeShift some time ago, so it’s not hosted on their own website).


You might have already used or at least seen some of these, so why not try them professionally at a great discount:

1. TradingView

This is the charting tool that literally everyone I know is using these days. I need not say more. Or do I? If you’ve watched any price prediction or market analysis videos from me and my peers in the past 5 years, you know it. Go grab it (offer ends at the end of the day sadly.)

2. Token Metrics

The ultimate data aggregator website with an AI-powered tools for accurate price prediction of all the best cryptocurrencies. They also provide detailed Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Project research of all top cryptos and IEOs, plus their new Quant Grade tool is bringing machine learning to the next level with over 60 qualitative and quantitative analytics points to find the best coins to trade each week (or daily) and the team sends daily emails with market insight, detailed Technical Analysis nad recommendations on what to trade. 

They have a 7 day trial with the upgrade offer of -40% to be locked-in by the end of the weekend.

Go check it out with this link and apply code: ANNIVERSARY2020

3. ProtonMail – Upgrade your privacy by protecting your data with strong encryption. This is the most secure and privacy-orientated email service, with added features like VPN (private browsing) and secure cloud service. 

Their limited time promotion is here, with special discounts and early access to their newest privacy tool: ProtonDrive – an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service. For a limited time, you can upgrade to ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus bundle and get up to 50% off. You’ll also gain early access to ProtonDrive beta for free.

You can find this deal here (no coupon needed).

Last but not least, I want to give you my own special discount on my eBook “Learn Crypto” – the ultimate beginners guide to cryptocurrencies.

If you’re new to crypto and want to avoid the mistakes every newbie makes when investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure you grab this at half price while the offer lasts (until Sunday).

You will learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and how to invest safely in Bitcoin and altcoins. You will get my strategies for building a healthy and profitable crypto portfolio, plus loads more.

Check it out here, no coupon needed, the offer is live until Sunday.


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