There’s a new service that is claiming to do cloud mining under the name “” and I just saw their ad on one of the crypto websites I visit regularly, so I decided to research more about it.

What raised my interest (and suspicion) was the unusually high return rate that they advertised, so I will lay down my finding here for you.

First, let’s see what exactly is being advertised:

bitmain-farm-ad (2)_LI.jpg

At first glance, the words that stand out: Bitmain, 8% per day and “secure” (scammers really love to boast about how safe and risk-free their offers are…)

Why do I think this is a scam? Well, keep reading (or watch my video below if you’re not keen on reading much).

The first red flag for me was the 8% return. I’ve been in the crypto and online money making business since 2014 and I can tell you that there is NO legitimate business opportunity that has ever been able to offer anything close to that. It’s only hyips that do this kind of claims and these are ponzi-type of schemes that only rotate money for a short period of time and then disappear, usually leaving hundreds or thousands of people in the red.

This is going to be the case with too, mark my words. I’ve reviewed loads of similar schemes and I used to post videos to warn people about them back in 2016 but I haven’t done it in a while and I feel it’s time to spread the word again. There are so many newbies that came in this space since then, offering an easy prey for the scammers and it’s our duty to stop them or at least make it harder for the bad actors to scam us.

Let’s continue with my research so you don’t get the impression that I’m writing only on personal conviction or without anything to back up my claims.’s website doesn’t reveal any information about the people who are behind it, nor its location (more red flags) and on top of that it was registered in August 2019 while Bitmain – the actual company and their official website ( has been around since 2007.

In this case, I am convinced that the person who is running is fraudulently using the name of the biggest mining and chip producing companies (Bitmain) because their brand is really well-known around the world. For many years Bitmain has been the leading company in mining, responsible for more than 80% of the market share in ASIC producing chips and controlling one of the biggest mining farms Antpool. You can see all of this on their official website and please note that there’s absolutely NO information there about this cloud mining service that is claiming to do.
Weird, right?
If you operate such service, wouldn’t you have a link or some type of promo about it on your own official webpage?
Damn right you would.
Except, if you’re not at all running such service and not even aware of it.
Which is the case here. I can say that with great conviction too since it was noted by a user on trustpilot – one of the respected websites for reviews and feedback from users.

Annotation 2020-01-06 180132.jpg

After a quick browse through the comments here it becomes clear that is nothing but a scam website and like many others before it, it runs the all-too-familiar ponzi scheme that pays for the first few withdrawals, just enough to make people feel easy and to encourage them to promote it to their friends and followers. Like with many other hyips, users are able to withdraw in the first days/weeks because it is known that the more-cautious members will put in small amounts, then try the withdraws before they deposit the bigger chunks of their capital. This is the strategy that makes people feel confident that the website is “real” and that it pays, so they go bold and start putting in more money and getting their close circle involved too.

There is a 8% affiliate commission offered to members, which is enough to make those early “investors” share it with many others and thus, the scam grows fast, the money keeps coming in, alas, not much of it is ever going out. Here are a more comments from Trustpilot supporting this very scenario:

Annotation 2020-01-06 182026

Annotation 2020-01-06 181754

In addition to this I also browsed through one of the oldest forums: bitcointalk and the lesser-known “beermoneyforum” where I found more comments and reviews that confirmed everything I laid out above.

Annotation 2020-01-06 180523

Annotation 2020-01-06 183258

All in all, these reports and comments should be enough to make you keep away from the website and avoid loosing money in their ponzi scheme but if you aren’t convinced yet, I hope you will use my research and take it a step further and conduct your own due diligence. At least, I hope this post will help you make an informed decision and will challenge you to do more research.

As far as cloud mining goes, there are really not many opportunities that are legit or profitable for the end user, which is also why I have not been involved with these for quite some time. Out of 30 or more offers I reviewed over the past year, I only picked one that I trust and this is only because I know the people who run the mining. I’d like to note here that I used to be a big proponent of Genesis Mining – one of the first cloud mining companies (which is still running today) and I do have a couple of Zcash and Dash contracts with them since 2016 but I am very disappointed with them since 2018 when they abruptly ended my Bitcoin mining contracts when the mining difficulty rate jumped a lot and the mining became un-profitable for a period of a few months. My contracts were “open-plan” which meant they should run for at least 5 years or more, but they were shut down after just 2.5 years, so in the end, I cannot recommend them either.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t invest in without reading this first!!

  1. How to get our money back from Bitmine.Farm/ scammer/fraud

    Do not invest, Bitmine.Farm is scam and fraudulence.This site is great scammer.
    If you are a victim of Bitmine.Farm/
    Search destination wallet address that you paid for it on
    This survey will show you where your destination wallet is or where your money has been transferred.
    You will find that the destination wallet is located in and all fraudulent money from you has been transferred to company.
    Complain against and get all your money back.
    Hodltech OÜ companey is doing business as and is registered in Estonia, operating licenses issued by the Estonian Police and Border Guard (Numbers FVR000390 and FRK000318).
    You need to send an email to:
    (Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit email address).


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