This week I met with the co-founder of a brand new service that is making a lot of buzz with the crypto community right now. And for a good reason.

Imagine having your own name (or brand name) domain that is way more private and secure than the .com or whatever else we are currently using and on top of that people can send you crypto payments directly to that name instead of the long wallet addresses that we currently use.

How cool is that?

And we’re not talking about a hypothetical scenario here, it is actually a service that is already here and about to go live in June 2019.

This is why I see a new “gold rush” into these (not yet launched) domains with thousands of crypto users trying to secure their own personalized (or branded) domains and some even bidding for those trademarked domains that can later be sold for the big bucks.

But that isn’t what I think is the unique selling point of this service. I personally want to have a branded website name that my customers can use not just to access my services but also to pay me to that same website name.

The service is built via smart contacts on the Zilliqa Blockchain (scalable, smart-contracts enabled blockchain platform that allows creation of Dapps) so their first extensions are .zil and there’s already rumours of more being added later down the line.
For example, I will not need to send you my long alphanumerical wallet address anymore, I can just send you my ‘laptoplife.zil’ website (I just registered that one) or my ‘bitcoincoach.zil’ and you choose which cryptocurrency to pay me with. I also don’t have to provide “whois” information to anyone when registering these domains, neither do I have to worry that my phone number will be publicly displayed if I refuse to pay the extra bucks for privacy that GoDaddy and the rest of the DNS services are currently charging us on top of our domain fees.
The price I paid for each of my domains was $5 (paid for two years upfront, so that means $10 per domain, which is much cheaper than what I am charged by Godaddy or Netfirms for my other domains).
And this is precisely why I went on to order 7 domains already, not just one or two, I actually will migrate most of my content to these domains over the next year and will completely abandon the current centralized services I use (except for my main website which is already shared too much to cancel it).
Being a brand new service (not yet launched) I did have some questions that I needed answered, which is why I approached their co-founder Bradley Kam for this interview you can see here.
All in all, at the low cost and great privacy and use-case features, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

To order your own personalized, secure domain go here. 



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