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Which is why I have these amazing free guides for you to get started with and expand your crypto knowledge. Whether just for your own reference or to be used as building blocks in your journey to becoming a successful crypto investor, these are just a few examples of the great content created by me.



A short guide to all the Bitcoin sub-units and mega-units. Did you know that there’s a unit smaller than a satoshi? It’s called nanoBTC and there’s also centiBTC – a mega units which stands for 100 Bitcoins… and lot more to learn from this guide.

in one sentence

This is a great e-Zine where you will find the top 100 cryptocurrencies (ranked by marketcap) explained in just one sentence – a brief but thorough summary of their purpose.
This is a great reference point for any crypto investor.


Did you know that we already mined 80% of the entire Bitcoin supply in the first 10 years since its inception?
It’s crazy that it takes us more than 100 years for the other 20% and this guide will show you why (and how) this is going to happen.

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