In a previous post on this blog, I introduced to you the latest Cobo Vault (second generation) device and gave it a 5 star rating for being the most secure cold wallet device currently on the market. I also interviewed its creator Lixin Liu and promised to make a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up and how to make transactions with the device (something that many people are asking for).

The process is a little different to what you might be used to. The device is air-gapped and it does not connect to the internet or your computer at all, thus eliminating any risks of being hacked or compromised.
I just created this video where I take you through the whole setting up process, from unboxing and authenticating the device, to upgrading its firmware and making a transaction, so watch closely and feel free to use this as your guide when you get your own device.

If you are thinking of ordering this wallet, I guarantee you, it’s the best choice out there and with a price tag in the same range as the other two competitors (Ledger and Trezor), I am totally in favour of this device. Use this invite link to get yours today.


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