CRO token soars by 460% in the last 30 days (at the time of writing) and shoots to #24 in ranking (according to marketcap). Here’s how I got them for FREE.CRO

For the past few months I have been receiving these monthly airdrops of a new token called CRO. It is courtesy of which is the company behind the (very popular) Monaco card and their native token MCO. I reported about the card a few months ago when I met with their CEO Kris Marszalek at a blockchain conference in Malta and now I want to shed some light on their new token which you can also get for free (if you are a hodler of the MCO token of course).

Basically, is a developing payments platform that aims to maximize crypto adoption through multiple payment channels including Visa cards. It aims to provide zero fees have developed a platform to purchase and trade crypto from your phone. Additionally, their crypto wallet has cash-back features and a Visa card powered by the MCO token. The development of the Chain also includes the creation of the Chain Token (CRO) — that will enable cross-asset intermediary currency settlement.

The reason I am so excited by getting their new token (CRO) is the fact that it’s being airdropped at the beginning of EVERY MONTH because I do hodl MCO and I have been a fan since 2017. I was keeping the tokens in my Bittrex trading account and in Jaxx wallet for quite some time….until I found out about the airdrops. At that point I downloaded the app on my phone and moved all my tokens there so I can take advantage of this great deal. You can find out all the details about this on their help-page but  to cut it short, you every month, 166,666,666 CRO will be awarded to Wallet App MCO token holders based on their MCO token ownership relative to the MCO token Total Supply.

Currently that means for every 10 MCO you hodl, you receive 52.76 CRO and with their strong community, these tokens are quickly becomming a hot property week after week.

In the past month alone, the CRO token has swelled by more than 400% (as you can see from my screenshot above) and I know that in two weeks from now I’m getting the next month’s airdrop, so my holdings increase yet again.

I have been using the Wallet & Card App to buy, sell, track and send crypto. It comes together with a no-annual-fee metal MCO Visa Card and some great perks like cashback and airport lounge access.

Interested? Hear this: to get you started, I am sending you a sign-up bonus of $20.00 so go ahead and download the app by using my referral link  ( you’ll see my referral code: i596zgv11f on the signup page) and claim your bonus.

This limited offer is on a first come first serve basis, it will not be open indefinitely.

You can purchase MCO tokens from the app or from any of the exchanges on this list:


Alternatively, like many others, you can simply just buy the CRO tokens directly, if hodling MCO is not to your taste. I personally believe in the growth of that token, so I have no problems hodling it for coming year or more. I’ve had it for the past 2 years and it’s one of a few tokens that I see as a long-term holdings, but that’s me.

Good luck and enjoy the free airdrops. They come on 5th of each month…until supply is diminished.

Oh and last thing before I finish this article, here’s a screenshot of my airdrops in case you aren’t sure if this is for real. As you can see, I was adding more MCO so my airdrops increased every time.

Wondering which offline, hardware wallet I am most fond of? No doubt it is the Ledger Nano S and now eagerly waiting for their newest device – Ledger Nano X with support for over 200 different tokens and coins. You can check out my tutorials about it and order yours here:

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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